Issac Collens


Mid-to-late thirties, Athletic build, Short dark Hair, usualy clean shaven with Blue eyes.


Born on New Hope on 237-1010 into a military family.

Attended the Republic Training Institute at New Hope majoring in Fighting and minoring in Archaeology. Attended OTC while there and graduated with Honors.

Went straight into a Marines Commando unit as a 2nd Lieutenant that specializes in covert ops. Over the next 4 years Issac was involved in many deployments and battles receiving 2 Exemplary Service medals. Was Promoted to 1st Lieutenant and received the Starburst for Extreme Heroism (think just under the medal of honor).

By the end of his 8th year in the Marines, Issac has been awarded 2 Meritorious Conduct Under Fire medal and promoted to Captain.
With his promotion to captain, he is sent to school to round out his training. When he returns to duty, he is given command of (redacted). He leads them through many missions.

Issac returned to school for a year. After his school is over, he finds out that his entire (redacted) unit, including his good friend Master Sergeant (redacted) (redacted), had been killed on a mission. After this he is assigned to Garrison duty to rebuild the (redacted) team. His success of rebuilding (redacted) earned him a promotion to Force Commander.

Once again with his promotion, Issac was sent to school. This time Command College. Returning once more to lead the (redacted) as a whole, not just a part of it. He was never a behind the scene type of person so he was right up front leading them into hostile territory.

Applied to go to school but after a short time Issac felt he needed to get away from the Marine Corp. so he retired. The Corp was sad to see him go and for his service to the Republic, he was knighted.

Issac Collens

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