Time to Hunt

White Sun → Whittier → Compass Rose → The Hunters

Packing up the next morning the party makes their way back to the cave entrance and loads up in the shuttle for the short hop to their ship. They radio ahead to Boz to prep the ship for their arrival and take off. When they arrive on their ship, Roland heads to the cockpit and gets the Compass Rose headed to space. Once they breach the atmosphere Boz contacts Maloch who congratulates everyone on a job well done and looks forward to seeing what they are bringing back. The Hunters are instructed to take what they found to a warehouse on Destiny where they will meet with Abernathy to deposit said items. During the 6 hours journey to Destiny everyone cleans up and rests from their week long expedition.

Arriving at the independent world of Destiny they make their way to the provided coordinates and find a warehouse outside of town with a private landing bay. Roland sets the Compass Rose down. The party thinks it odd that Abernathy did not come out to meet them upon their arrival so they gear up and make their way toward the warehouse. Entering though one of the smaller side doors, the group enters and finds the warehouse filled with boxes and shipping containers. They wind their way through the maze until Johnny spots Abernathy bound to a chair in the center of the building. Using hand signs he has everyone stop and quickly relays what he sees through their comms system. Quick plans are made and everyone falls back and starts to spread out throughout the building.

Duke makes his way around and behind Abernathy when he is attacked by two men dressed in black combat tactical gear just like Johnny and Duke wear. All told there were 6 assailants waiting in the shadows to ambush the party and after a game of cat and mouse amongst the crates the Hunters come out victorious. Right as the combat is nearing it’s end, all of their comm units go off with an emergency signal from Boz. They finish the combat, release Abernathy, and Roland contacts Boz and asks what the emergency is and he explains he has just received a priority message from Maloch. The crew hurries back out to the ship to listen to the message. Boz explains this is a recorded message the keeps repeating.

“This is a priority one message. Hunters, proceed immediately but with caution to Serenity Coordinates 4296.8 by 273.6. This is the home of Mellisa Chin. Something has happened to her. Find and retrieve her at all costs. Her survival is key to our whole mission.”

Roland tells Boz to send a reply that says message received and heading to target. Roland gets the ship in the air and headed for Serenity. As Destiny is a moon of Serenity, their journey should only take a little more that an hour. During the trip the crew speaks to Abernathy and they find out the men showed up about 30 minutes prior and took him captive, and tied him there with no word as to why. The party realizes that no one knew they were coming here except Maloch when Ramus says someone else might have known. He explains about talking to Boz about while they were in the cave if he had any problems. Boz had told him that there had been some local animal crawling over the ship at one point but no damage had been detected. Ramus mentions that some of those might not have been animals and something could have been planted on the ship.

Roland brings the ship to a stop and a few take the shuttle out to inspect the outside of the ship. They find a device had been added to the communications array plugged in such a way that would intercept transmissions prior to being encrypted. They leave the device in place and send a message saying they were going to Ariel to carry out their mission and then continuing on their way to Serenity.

Upon arriving at Serenity, Republic flight control gives them direct access to the coordinates they requested. As they approach, they see a large walled compound with several building and a large house. A quick scan of the facility shows many dead bodies scattered around. They land the ship and cautiously start searching. They find signs of a fierce gun battle with all of the facility private security force killed. There are signs of others being killed, but they were taken away. The only sign of who attacked were some ammo casings left behind that matched the weapons of Johnny and Duke.

After the first inspection they find no one left alive and the surveillance system destroyed. Ramus starts tinkering with the surveillance system to see if anything is recoverable when he notices that the amount of cameras located around the facility do not correspond to what equipment is available here so the team does a more in depth search of the compound. They find a hidden safe room that has a secondary security system located in it as well as a sophisticated communications and data system. Rayna goes to work on the computer system and pulls up security footage of small black strike ships landing and several squads of mercenaries swarming the compound shooting to kill. She also find footage of a bound and gagged Melissa Chin being forced out of the building where one of the mercs tells the one with her to “Take her to the Brick, we’ll clean up here.” Rayna, with a contemplative look on her face, says "Isn’t that were we picked those two up at?’ while glancing at Johnny and Duke. Realizing she was correct the group head back to their ship to determine their next course of action.

Back in space they set course for the Red Sun system. Upon arrival they stop at the Dragons Egg to skim fuel in case they need to make a quick burn out of the system. From there they set course for the asteroid belt known as The Wall.

They set up surveillance of the facility and noticed the patrol pattern of the 4 small black strike ships and found a hole to slip in and drop Ramus, Rayna, and Johnny onto the outside of the base to see what they can find out. They find that equipment in the facility has been upgraded but with some quick hacking and power rerouting they get the door set up so they can access the airlock from their ship. Raymus also finds something drawing a large amount of energy in the entry room and configures it to be disabled at the same time the airlock is triggered. They return to their ship on the next window of opportunity and then plan for the assault.



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