Into the Depths - Part 5

White Sun → Whittier → Compass Rose → The Hunters

As the large bee hovers outside the hole in the wall where the window had once been on the 46th floor of the building, the party watch to see if it will attack. The bee just watches them so all but Colin slowly start heading toward the door. Colin waves his staff around poking at the bee trying to keep it’s attention as everyone makes their way to the door when the bee attacks and misses Colin. Rayna reacts and shoots the bee splattering the insect all over the wall. Almost instantly more bees fly in and start attacking. As more bees are killed, more bees arrive. The group finally make their way near the stairwell door when Roland tells everyone to get inside behind him. He pulls something from his belt and starts to fiddle with it. As Duke jumps runs through the door Roland cooks off a grenade and jumps through the door. As the grenade goes off killing over 20 bees, it destroys the floor below Duke and he plummets one floor and almost lands on Charlotte. The group recovers and make a hasty retreat down the stairs to the ground floor. The poke their head out the door at the bottom and see hundreds of bees swarming the area where they were on the 46th floor. They decide to try another building further away.

When they get two blocks away the ground starts shaking and trembling. As people start looking for cover they realize there is some kind of explosion/collapse going on inside the building they were just in. Duke notices through the windows of the building he sees something large moving up through the building. Colin says it must be the worm they had seen before. As the building collapses it creates a massive wall of dust and debris heading straight for them.

After the main blast past, everyone is accounted for and there were no serious injuries though the air is so polluted they can barely see. The decision is made to head back to the old highway and make their way back to the base camp. It is slow going and everyone is exhausted by the time they arrive back. Looking out over the cavern, downtown is still shrouded in dust and a thick haze hangs over everywhere else. The party decides to camp here one more night and pack up in the morning and head back to the ship with what they have found.



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