Into the Depths - Part 4

White Sun → Whittier → Compass Rose → The Hunters

On the morning of the 4th day away from base camp everyone heads out for the downtown section of the city. They follow the main road and make pretty good time. Roland wanting to get a good view of the surrounding area picks a building with the letters RNN on the side and says lets go to the top of that one and see what we can see. Rest of the party agrees and they head in that direction.

Just getting into the city the pass more piles of boulders. Taking a closer look at them Charlotte notes they do not appear to be rubble from the building or the cave as the surfaces are all smooth and not jagged. She thinks they might have been organically created or pushed up from below ground though she can not think of anything that could possibly do that on this scale.

As the party reaches the RNN building, Ramus a quick look at the building and reports that it appears to be stable and not in danger of falling down. He notes that it appears all of the skyscrapers appear to be sound except for the one next to them that is off it’s foundation and leaning, wedged between floor and roof.

The party starts the climb and realize shortly that Rayna is not up for the climb so everyone slows down so she is not left behind. They find out this building is 86 stories tall and have a great view of the area from the roof. Roland using his binoculars sees humanoid like figures moving by the coliseum, as well everyone hears a buzzing noise but they can not tell where it is coming from.

The group heads back down stairs and searches a few floors to see if they can find anything. The upper floors were designated as RNN floors and they found what appears to be offices and possibly some kind of studio. On the next floor down they find an area that has air tight seals. With some work they get into this room and find a news archive with data storage units and file cabinets. With some work the crew recover some data storage devices to take back to Maloch along with some paper files. Quickly looking through them they find out RNN stand for Regina News Network and this had not been the main office, but an affiliate location on Devon. They also find news articles talking about trade negotiations between the Aslan Hierate and the Solomani Confederation. There is also talks about piracy in the Vargr Extents. They take as much as they can and decide to head to the next building.

Once down to the ground floor the group pick another building and go in. They find a directory which lists Abbraxis Pharmaceutical on the 43-46 floors so up they go. In searching these floors they don’t find anything on 43 and 44. On 45 they find a laboratory that has been sealed but there is no way in. Charlotte recommends on not entering as there is no telling on what could be inside. The group continues up and on the 46th floor they find larger offices. In one corner office they find a wall safe. Ramus is able to access it and they find some paperwork and a wooden box that holds 4 vials of a bright green fluid. They stow these items in their bags when they all hear a loud buzzing noise. They look around and find a large bee/wasp looking insect about two feet long hovering outside the window looking at them

to be continued…



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