Red Sun → The Wall → Compass Rose → The Hunters

Abernathy pilots the Compass Rose neatly into the station known as The Brick. Ramus triggers the door and the Hunters climb into the airlock and cycle it. The inner door opens to revel the main room they had entered so long ago though there have been changes since their last entrance. The walls were now armored and the doors have been replaced with security doors. Directly across from the airlock door is a large turret pointing at them as they enter. On closer inspection they find the unit had been powered down by Ramus when they set the door to open. The door to the left did not have a control panel, but the one to the right does. They find there is no way through the door without the panel so they opt for the other side. They open the door and proceed cautiously down the corridor and around the corner to the normal door at the end of the hall.

As the door opens the chief of security looks up and yells “Intruders!” Quickly the team move into the room and dispatch of the security chief and the 2 other guards. Rayna quickly examines the console and finds the controls to unlock the other door in the entrance room as well as standard operation controls for the facility, power, oxygen, etc. The doors leading out of this room lead to sleeping quarters for personnel as well as one larger quarters with an attached office. Most looks like it was set up for temporary living and not extended stays. Rayna opens the door and the Hunters head toward the other side of the complex.

Then enter the corridor and turn the corner to find the four storage rooms holding supplies ranging from medical, janitorial, to food for the facility. The prepare to enter the door at the end of the corridor and open the door. Inside they see three medical/surgical tables with doors on the three other walls. To their right, 2 guards are standing in front of one of the doors. Roland pulls one if his grenades, cooks it off for a couple of seconds and tosses it in landing in front of the guards. The closest guard reaches down and scoops up the grenade and goes to toss it back but missed the door and the grenade bounces back into the room next to the middle surgery table. The other guard runs along the wall, pounds on the door yelling there are intruders and then dives behind the surgery table controls. The grenade goes off damaging the table but no one is hurt. The Hunters enter the room and quickly subdue the two guards when the door the guard pounded on opens to reveal another guard in more elaborate armor. Looking at him, both Johnny and Duke associate the name commander with him though neither ever remember meeting him before. The commander scanning the room seeing the Hunters and says “I thought you were dead. Well you are now.” Pulling an injector out, he plunges it into his heart. Screaming the commanders body mutates into a hulking form of rippling muscles. He looks up and attacks. The fight does not last long. Duke gets pummeled by him and everyone else unloads into his chest. A person dressed in medical gear moves behind him and tries to administer something to the commander, but he is shot before he can. In the end, the commander takes enough damage to take down 4 men and finally falls to his wounds. Searching the other rooms they find Melissa strapped into a device where she was being interrogated. Also in one of the cells they find a man by the name of Dalton Rogers.

The group with Melissa and Dalton make their way to the entrance and signal Abernathy to pick them up. They have to wait about 15 min before their ride arrives so during the wait, Ramus sets the turret in the entrance chamber to overload when triggered. Abernathy arrives and they quickly board the Compass Rose and as they pull away Ramus detonates the turret destroying the inside of the facility. They set their course to the White Sun system and settle in for the week long journey.



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