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In the beginning….
Long ago our forefathers traversed the stars on large colonization ships from somewhere beyond the deep. They came upon this solar system and landed on the planet Kallynda. There are only fragments of what happened during this time, and most of it is considered lore.

Once we settled on the planet Kallynda it became immediately apparent that we were too many and this planet would not sustain us all for long. It was then that the coalition was formed, both to organize us and lead us into the future. Explorers were set out to find new planets to settle on and found multiple suns, each with many habitable planets. Once we colonized these planets the coalition of planets was born. We prospered for hundreds of years, populations grew and we colonized far and wide.

The Long Night (War)…..
Then in the year 765 came the Long Night. The coalition felt that all planets must be included when discovered and settled, not all felt this way. Some people of these planets were happy with the freedom and distance they had from the coalition and did not wish to join and refused to be involved. In the end, this dispute between the coalition and the the free planets caused a great war. The coalition verses the independents (as they called themselves) turned bloody and devastating. Some say the coalition won, but both sides lost many. The war ended by concession in the year 776.

The coalition agreed to re-organize into a Republic with each planet (if desired) having its own government and placing representatives within the Republic, creating a the council.

778 – All planets of the central sun are members of the Republic

782 – All planets of the Blue Sun are members of the Republic

Present Day…..
The year is 1048.

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Campaign History

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