Into the Depths - Part 2

White Sun → Whittier → Compass Rose → The Hunters

The next morning after resting and recovering the party set fourth to find away across the dissolver mire. Now that they know what they are looking for they can spot the dissolvers lurking underneath the water. With much turning back and careful stepping the party find their way through the mire only having to attack two more of the dissolvers.

The mire seems to disappear just before the great domed structure. Just under the edge of the sphere is a twelve foot tall metal mesh fence circling with parts of it collapsed. About ten feet inside the fence is a well worn path that follows the fence around in both directions. Once on the path the group decides to head to the right following the path around and find another path adjacent to the eastern most building that leads to the center of the sphere and a large door on the supporting structure. They get about a third of the way to the center building when the door opens up and a robot strides out. Ramus notes that it looks like some form of a Sentinel robot. It starts heading down the worn path directly toward the party. The party slowly backs up and moved off the path hoping the Sentinel will just pass them by on it’s pre-determined course but when it get’s within one hundred feet it turns to looks at the group and says something in a language they do not understand. The party does not move and the robot advances exposing two machine guns. At this point Roland tells everyone to scatter and head for the fence, and they do. The Sentinel starts to fire but it is obvious the machine guns are malfunctioning and no one gets hit.

Once the group is beyond the fence the robot stands on the path watching them but does not engage. Curious to see what happens the party starts following the fence line without getting into the mire and the Sentinel follows on his inside path. Roland slowly falls behind the group readying his laser pistol and the robot does not seem to notice. He aims and fires causing sever damage. Everyone else scatters and follows up with attacks and the Sentinel quickly falls with no one getting injured. After combing through the wreckage they find the robot was in sever dis-repair. Raymus notes that the design is similar to what he knows but the way it was constructed is like nothing he has seen.

The group makes their way to the center building and with Rayna and Raymus’ help, using scraps from the Sentinel they can create a signal and open the door. Once in side they find this is a maintenance bay for the control center of the power plant. They find no one there and the systems have been running on backup for over 350 years. This had been a fussion reactor that had long since shut down and the power that trickles out of it has kept this place running. They find no other information there.

As they are leaving the building Raymus finds an old hover craft he can get working to help them get past the disolvers though he is not sure if it will be able to get past the boulder wall they had to cross when they arrived. They all pack into the craft and cross the lake/mire area looking for another way out of the area and find a large casm to the north and west stretching from the great column to the wall. The group decides to make camp at a clear spot near the base of the column for the night.

Into the Depths - Part 1

White Sun → Harvest → Compass Rose → The Hunters

After receiving their instructions from Maloch, they decide to send Charlotte, Ramus, and Rayna to seek out Melissa Eldridge at Harvest University. Upon arriving at the university, Rayna looks up the Archaeology Department and finds that she is not listed in the staff roster. Some quick searches shows that she was removed about a month ago. They proceed to the department secretary and inquire about her. The secretary explains that right after she returned from her project on Whittier, she packed up her things and left. She did not even leave a forwarding address. They thank her and leave the office. Rayna gets back on her computer and finds that Melissa’s team had returned and most of it’s members had been reassigned to other projects only herself and Collin Martin had suddenly left. While walking across campus a student that had seen them in the Archaeology office approaches them and says, “I heard you were looking for Miss Eldridge. I am not sure where she went, but I have heard that Mr. Martin was seen in the warehouse district.” Rayna thanks them, calls rest of the group and tells them to meet them and they head toward the warehouse district.

After arriving Rayna puts her streetwise and investigative skills to work and quickly find where Colin had been seen. Upon arriving there, they find him huddling in a cardboard box where it appears he has been living. He is concerned that there are people out to kill him. The crew offer to take him off world if he will lead them to the underground city they had found. Colin agrees and they head for the spaceport. Once on their way to Whittier Colin cleans up and and tells everyone the story of what happened. After Missy and her team arrived back on Harvest, she and Colin went to the Archaeology head and told him about their find. He was excited and said we had made the find of a lifetime. We went out and celebrated. That night while walking home, we were jumped by several men in black tactical outfits and gear. Missy and I split up and I lost my pursuers. I checked in with the university and found that all the team members had all be re-assigned to other projects off world and Missy had quit her job and left. I knew Missy had not just quit and someone did not want our find out in the public so I went into hiding in the slums.

The Compass Rose finds it’s way to Whittier and Colin shows the best place to land and secure their ship. From there they take the shuttle up to where their archaeology camp site had been. From there he leads them on foot into a newly formed crevice in the mountain side. After a good 4 hours of travel through narrow passages and down shear ravines Colin leads them to the mouth of a cave several miles across. In this cave is the remnant of a large city spread throughout the entire cave. Several massive columns reach from floor to ceiling. Persistent throughout the entire cave is a faint blue glow from bio luminescent plants found all over the city. From this vantage point the Hunters are looking down over the city noting that in the distance past one of the huge columns is the remains of the city’s downtown. Skyscrapers reaching toward the top of the cave. One of the buildings sitting at a precarious angle seems wedged between the roof and floor of the cave.

The group sets up a base camp where they stow the greater part of their supplies and then break for rest of the day to rest and set out first thing in the morning. As they set out the get into the edges of the city and find this an eerie place between the blue glow that gives light and the fact that this could be any of a hundred different cities they know but there is nothing there. As they move farther into the city they find that some buildings have been destroyed and a lot of the roads are buckled and torn up. Their decided route of following the cave wall in a counter clockwise direction turns out to be harder than anticipated as many roads are blocked by rubble and some building do not appear to be safe to enter causing the party to double back to find a new route. During their travel they find signs on buildings that have writing in a language no one understands. Several members are taking pictures and videos of what they find for later analysis. Most of the building in the area are between 1 and 3 stories tall so at times they have to climb a safe looking building to try and find a new path. During one of these moments on top of a building the party spots what looks like birds flying in the distance. They also see what looks like cats following them at a distance through the buildings. The party comes upon the remains of a highway and from there they can see a large spherical building in the distance and they note there is actual light coming from it. Ramus makes a guess saying it appears to be some kind of power plant. The group continues on heading for it. They come to a rubble field that is nothing but a long mound of boulders. After some time they find a way to traverse it and get across but it is slow going. After they get across they find the buildings are not as destroyed on this side and find some signs that have both the unknown language and common listed next to it. Colin thinks with this they might be able to make a key to unlock the unknown language. They move farther on and as the buildings end the ground becomes mucky and swamp like. The water here also glows with the faint blue glow. Curiously Charlotte bends down and takes a sample of the water when a large black glob of something leaps out of the water trying to envelop her. Colin quickly grabs here and drags her back while Duke fires at it. His bullets do not seem to hurt it so Roland pulls out his laser pistol and burns a hole through it. The party decides with Charlotte being shaken from the event to back up into the buildings and make camp for the night.

Investigation - Part 2

White Sun → Deep Space → Compass Rose → The Hunters

Duke and Johnny let the crew know they were back on board and relay the information they gathered on their latest unexpected travels. With everyone caught up on what has happened, the crew settle back in for the last few hours of their trip to Serenity.

After arriving on Serenity and getting through customs, the crew of the Compass Rose set up shop at a local hotel and Rayna jumps on the computer and starts to see what she can find out. She find that the local news is a buzz with stories of the case beings he was original from here. It is common knowledge that after Brandon’s parents disappeared/presumed dead six years ago his mental state went down from there. There are all kinds of bizarre theories on how he became a member of an anti-Republic terrorist organization, but all of them are far fetched and have no solid proof. What Rayna does find is when Brandon’s parents died he blamed Caleb Starr but there was no evidence to prove this and no charges were ever brought up. Not being able to find any more creditable information they feel their next option would be to interview Brandon himself. They have Boz make some calls and he arranges a meeting with him the next day at 10:00 am.

The next day rolls around and Rayna and Charlotte head to the Republic Detention Center where Brandon is being held. As they arrive and proceed through the screening process they are told they will have 30 minutes with him and that their meeting will be monitored. They find him waiting in an interview room, hands and feet chained together wearing an orange jumpsuit. He is very somber always keeping his eyes lowered. They start by asking him simple questions as to why and how he did what he did and keeping his eyes lowered he replies simple, what does it matter. Rayna says she knows that Caleb killed his parents and at this he looks up at her. He says you know nothing, and she says help us to prove it. He looks confused for a second and then lowers his eyes and says it does not matter. Charlotte pressed and asked if his parents left anything that might have helped prove it. Brandon, keeping his eyes down says they left nothing. Rayna asks him polity to tell them about his parents. He looks up again taken aback by the change of subject and explains his parents Dr. Stephen Davis and Dr. Claudio VanSync were both genetics scientists and both had worked for Trinity Corp. They were away working on a project at Caleb’s request and they never returned. With this Brandon lowers his eyes and says no more. A short time later the guard comes in and says their time is up. Rayna and Charlotte head back to their hotel.

Back at the hotel frustrated at the lack of information Rayna gets back on the computer and does some more digging with the information that she now has. She finds the address of the Davis home where Brandon had been living and where his parents had lived before. The group decides to head there and see what they can find. As they arrive they find the place has been cordoned off by law enforcement and marked with investigation lines saying they should not enter. They do anyway as no one is there. The find the house has been systematically seared. Rayna knowing this method of search starts looking in places that would normally get missed. She finds a safe hidden in a bookshelf and with Ramus’ help they get it open. Inside they find some papers and a data storage device from about 6 years ago. Looking at the papers they find they are medical in nature and hand them over to Charlotte for examination. She finds that the parents were working on a project using bio-genetic technology to alter a persons DNA to increase their skill potential. She finds their research and notes on different stumbling blocks. Some of here own research is in here, stuff that she had not released, which had helped them solve some of their problems. There is also a mention of Dr. Simon Grant and his research contributing to positive results. The date of the latest material in this was dated 6 years ago, about the time Brandon’s parents disappeared.

Returning back to the hotel Rayna once again put her computer knowledge to work and found out that Dr. Simon Grant was a student progeny at Kallynda Prime University where he was accepted at the age of 14 and graduated with his medical doctorate at 22 and then hired by the university as a genetic surgeon. He was on course to replace his mother and become the youngest ever surgeon general. The he just vanished and no one knows what happened to him. Rayna also finds Brandon’s father Steven was working at a Trinity installation on Menaka, a moon circling Harvest. When the group was discussing this, Ramus recalled a letter he had received from his family about six years ago while he was studying on Stormwind. Being from Menaka and there being such a small population there, his family told him of a strange explosion at a facility that caused contamination to be released into the atmosphere and required everyone to stay indoors for a couple of days until levels were safe. Putting all this together they decide this must have been the location of the lab where Brandon’s parents were killed.

The crew decides to head to Menaka with a stopover at Harvest to relay the information they had found on to Maloch. They arrive on Harvest and set up a voice meeting with Maloch and relay the information. Maloch is pleased with their finding and tells them that what they have found out makes sense. He has always felt that Trinity has been operating outside of the Republic’s influence, working on projects that would greatly help the republic but never show up in republic hands. Maloch feels there is something bigger at work here and hopes that someday information will present itself to make this more clear. Until then he congratulates them on a job well done and says there is no need to look for clues on Menaka as Trinity has always been good about cleaning up after themselves and there would be no traces left of the facility after so long. Instead he has another direction for the Hunters to go.

Maloch explains that he has came across information about an archaeology find on Whittier. A modern city burried over 350 years ago. As our history says we arrived at the Kallynda System around 300 years ago and found no previous cities on any of the planets this seems odd. Seek out Melissa Eldridge. Until recently she was an archaeology intern at the university on Harvest. She will have more information on this discovery.

Girl's Night Out

White Sun → Delphi Belt → Jasmine’s Folly

Alissa Mathews was a curious being, and because of this she wasn’t ready to give up on the mysterious black box the 2 men had given her to figure out. Even though Duke and Johnny haven’t been seen in quite some time she hasn’t given up. Using some of her tools from her Engineering kit she was attempting to get the thing open or get some sort of reaction when it slipped and fell to the floor. In sheer frustration she set the box down and leaned over to grab the tool when her arm brushed against the box. Immediately she felt a stinging sensation and when she looked at her arm she noticed 2 red welts where her arm touched the box. After a while the welts continued to hurt and since this is a completely new development Alissa decided that the best course of action would be to visit Dr. Faust in med bay.

Before she reached for the box to take with her however, she felt a sudden lurch in her stomach. The feeling of being pulled inward came over her and a strong wave of nausea hit her to the point where she was going to be sick. That next moment she found herself on her knees and vomiting on what felt like a metal grate.

“Are you ok?” That voice, she knew that voice and once she felt safe enough to look up from her retching she saw it was Johnny who asked and Duke beside him. Disoriented, Alissa thought to herself how did I get here, where is here? She made to get up and stumbled a bit ready to ask all the questions running through her mind when she noticed two people bound up who wore the same outfits that she saw on Duke and Johnny on their first meeting. All other thoughts disappeared and she asked who these two were and why they were bound. It was then that the two men explained what had happened and they were very curious as to how I ended up in this place. I relayed my story, short as it was and they both examined my forearm where the device had left it’s two welts.

Alissa soon discovered that Duke and Johnny didn’t know where we were either so the next step was to figure out where we were. Not knowing what to do with the 2 prisoners it was decided to keep them in view while we explored, two together and one within sight of both groups. She was amazed at how calm and not affected they were about the whole situation, as she still felt the effects of the pull and nauseated to the point of feeling the urge to vomit at any point in time.

The first room felt peculiar as there were four stations, two of them empty and two full of armor and weapons and other gear. As she was looking around Johnny automatically walked over to one of the stations with an almost mechanized or robotic state or purpose. It was as though he had come home. He no question put on the armor and picked up the weapons, placing them in holsters that were fitted with the other equipment. At first she was a bit frightened at the sight and stood back waiting to see what he would do. Relief flooded when he returned to acting normal and excited ushering Duke to come into the room and check out the other compartment.

Each room discovered seemed purposeful, a room that the guys both said was the briefing room was next and the computer systems had simulations of different attack sequences or other espionage type scenarios, beyond my understanding but not for the two with me. Again, she tended to stand back and observe, not sure what these two were “made” for or what missions they were intended to accomplish. It all seemed too….. assassin / spy for Alissa. She also noticed once they explored most of the compound that it was eerily deserted and just didn’t feel natural. Even though evidence suggested it was abandoned long ago it still held the sense of what it was created for and it gave her the creeps.

A small comfort was the engineering room, though not for long. She noticed several things right away that was natural for what it was and something completely unnatural. That being the power source and the sheer amount of power going into this room, enough power to support an entire planet of millions if not an entire system of planets. Alissa saw one particular power line that was spliced from the main and running out of the building. Somewhere nearby had to be a large facility that was attached or something else entirely she didn’t want to think about. It wasn’t until they went upstairs into the observation room (a little farther away into the complex) that she saw where the massive power was coming from and the magnitude of what was going on here.

Outside was the Red Sun, which could only mean they were on the planet Fury. And outside this small building from horizon to horizon was the largest solar array Alissa had ever witnessed on what was the most barren landscape possible. This planet she knew rotates around the red sun so that this half of it is always facing the sun… which means those solar arrays are always powered. That much power, so much power. Then realization hit her, the black boxes, the two men disappearing and reappearing must be powered by this facility and with this much power available they could go or end up anywhere in the entire Kalinda System. Looking around the landscape on the opposite side of the building they were in was another larger facility directly in line with where that power cable that was spliced was running. It was a much larger building as well.

Having explored all we can and noting that the black box could teleport us away – thinking back to the engineering room Alissa made the conclusion that this action took a lot of power and that with how the system was powering up and at what speed it would be at full power in two hours time. With that in mind the three decided that they would wait and see what happened, not wanting to alert the other facility of their presence. During their waiting period they plucked away at the computer systems to see what they could find. As no one had computer ops they deemed little from the information and decided to save what they could on data discs for later observation.

Sure enough after about two hours had past Alissa once again felt the pulling sensation in her belly and was ported back to the very spot it had all started. She was on the floor of the engine room on Jasmine’s Folly vomiting again. The thought that Johnny and Duke must go through this every time gave her a sense of pity for them, how awful this feeling was.

Boy's Night Out

White Sun → Deep Space → Compass Rose → The Hunters


The crew of the Compass Rose watch in amazement as Duke and Johnny and the two captives distort, elongate, compress, and then vanish in the blink of an eye. Johnny and Duke feeling the familiar pull in their belly know they just shifted to another location.

They appear standing on a grated floor about 10’ in diameter at the end of a room with the sounds of someone wretching. As they look around they see a woman curled up on the floor vomiting through the grate. Johnny steps forward and asks if she is ok. She gains control of her stomach and turns to look at him and he recognizes her as Alissa. Duke asks how she got here and she explains that she is not sure. She was examining the black box when she dropped a tool and when she reached for it her arm brushed it and she felt a stinging sensation and found two red welts on her forearm. Alissa explains she was just considering to go see the doctor when the dragging sensation in her stomach started and the next thing she knew she was here.

The two captives were still unconscious from the medication Charlotte had administered so they bound them to the room and set out to investigate where they were. Upon closer examination they find several years worth of settled dust and determine the facility has been abandoned. The first room they enter appears to be some form of ready room. There is signage referring to Team Alpha and there are four open lockers. Two of them are empty and appear to have never been used, but the second two were full of combat gear. Inspecting this they find the clothes and equipment fits Duke and Johnny perfectly. They each find a rifle and pistol that have some form of bio id safety on them that only allow a specific person to use them that respond to their touch.

Moving on into the base they fine many more rooms that make this location appear to be a home base for a small squad of four where they would live and prepare for missions. They find a briefing room, living quarters, workout room and adjoining medical center equipped for minor injuries. In the med center they find 2 empty cryo-tubes like they were found in as well as a place for two more to be connected.

Continuing their exploration they find a kitchen and a mechanical room with the equipment to support the facility. Alissa notices something odd about the infrastructure and upon investigation she finds there is no power generation equipment and that power is coming from outside of the building. The problem is the incoming power line it large enough to power an entire planet and it appears to run to areas above and below the grated disk in the room they appeared in. She also notices the power had been spliced into and runs out of the building in a different direction.

Continuing through the facility they find a control room with stairs leading up where a bright red glow was coming from. They move up the stairs to find an observation room with windows overlooking the landscape. The sky is dominated by a large red sun. With this view they are guessing they are on the surface of Fury. Looking around the scourged and burnt landscape they see a massive solar array stretching from horizon to horizon in every direction all feeding back to this building. Alissa figures this is how they are getting their power. They also see newer building about a kilometer away that is about 10 times the size of this building and that is where the power line that was spliced into goes.

Heading back into the control room they start looking at the computer system. They confirm their suspicions that the facility had not been used for around three years as that is when the last log file was entered showing that operations with Team Alpha were mothballed. Alissa also finds some earlier entries in the medical logs entered by Dr. Steven Davis discussing discoveries made by Dr. Simon Grant and Dr. Claudia VanSync. It had something to do with bio-nano technologies, which was way above her head. She made copies of what she could find and kept them with her.

Alissa also discovers a power storage reservoir where the solar power being collected is stored. It shows that it will be full in about 90 minutes and estimates by how fast is is charging that it was completely drained when they arrived. With the way the place is wired she guesses that this is the place, or the new building is, that has been initiating the transfers between locations and that they will be able to return back to where they came from as soon as the next one takes place. She thinks she can figure out how to initiate one from here, but that would alert the other facility that the old one is being used so they decide to return to the grate with all of what they found and await the next cycle.

Sure enough, about 10 minutes past the two hour mark, the familiar tug in the stomach send Johnny and Duke back to the Compass Rose.


They appear standing in the Lounge where they started with all of the equipment they acquired, but the two captives were no longer with them.


Investigation - Part 1

White Sun → Harvest → Compass Rose → The Hunters

Once the crew arrives back on Harvest from their vacation, they decide to take a few days to recover. During this time they have a voice conference with Maloch, to which they introduce both Johnny and Duke. Come to find out Maloch knows exactly who they are, having sent the crew to find them in the hidden asteroid. After explaining their adventures with Johnny and Duke and their contributions, Maloch invites both of the men to join up with The Hunters.

Maloch’s next mission for the Hunters involves a trip to Ramba to meet up with Captain Roger Williams in order to find out what really happened with the bombing at Poseidon’s Paradise by Mr. Davis. He feels there is more to this bombing and to this mysterious person than just Republic Terrorism and asks everyone to keep their eyes and minds open to anything out of the ordinary.

Amped up and ready for a new adventure the crew set off for Ramba. Making good time, they arrive only two hours later and quickly set up a meeting with Captain Williams for the next day right before lunch. That evening everyone goes about their own thing pursuing individual interests.

The following day when they meet up with Captain Williams. He is a bit confused about why there’s a need for investigating the bombing further, but out of respect for Maloch answers all of the questions as best as he can. The crew finds out that the bomb parts were traced back to and anti-Republic group on Harvest. After lunch Captain Williams takes them to Poseidon’s Paradise where they can investigate further, looking at both the bomb site and talking with possible witnesses.

Once they arrive at Poseidon’s Paradise and do a little digging the find out that the bomb site was at a private party. After acquiring the guest list and interviewing some of the guests and employees the Hunter’s find out the private party was held for non-other than Caleb Star himself, part-owner of Poseidon’s Paradise and head of Trinity Corp.. They also find out that Caleb had slipped out of the party just before the bomb went off in order to take an important business call in his private suite. Meanwhile, Rayna did her own investigation into Brandon, the person arrested for the bombing. She finds out that Brandon was taken to Serenity, his home planet, where his trial will take place.

With the knowledge they have gained at the crime scene and with talking to Captain Williams, the crew realizes that they have gained all the knowledge they can from this place and decide the next step will be to speak with Brandon and learn more about the terrorist organization responsible for the bomb itself. They travel to Harvest first but find very little information about the terrorist organization beyond what they already knew. It becomes obvious that there’s nothing to gain here so the crew head to Serenity.


Shortly after takeoff everyone gathers together to meet up and discuss their next steps, however once again they find that Johnny and Duke are not aboard the ship. Taken aback, but somewhat used to this phenomenon each member goes about their business.


Johnny and Duke find themselves sitting in a cafeteria in some office building. People are milling around, having what appears to be lunch and conversations roll over them in a wave. Duke looks down at the table and notices another little black box, the save device that keeps appearing whenever they disappear and reappear in random places. With a sigh, he pockets the device and assesses the best way to get out without people noticing. Johnny and Duke make their way out of the building, keeping their pace as nonchalant and heads lowered slightly. Looking for signs of where they ended up this time, the two companions find themselves at Maxwell Enterprises on the planet Kallynda.

With location noted, they send out a message to Roland in order to let them know where they ended up and to request a pick up. However, not knowing if they will disappear again or how long the transmission will take, let alone the journey to get them, they both decide to find a safe place to hide out and keep a low profile. They head toward the space port to get better bearings and immediately notice a higher presence of security the closer they get to port. Keeping to the side streets they watch the comings and goings and notice that the security personnel are definitely searching for someone. Suspicious that they may be the targets, both Johnny and Duke make for the opposite direction and find an abandoned building to lay low. While there for what seem hours, they find themselves back aboard the Compass Rose inside their room.


Johnny and Duke exit their room and find the rest of the crew in the lounge. They proceed to explain what had happened to them. While they were telling everyone about their time on Kallynda Duke spots some movement down the hallway and notices two men dressed in black jumpsuits, just like the ones he and Johnny were wearing when they first appeared, and armor vests over the top of that. They look prepared to attack at any moment and he yells for everyone to take cover and immediately knocks the table over. Thanks to Duke’s quick thinking the rest of the crew are prepared and quickly take control of the situation. After the short firefight, the two unknowns were subdued and disarmed. The crew quickly tie them up and place them in the middle of the galley, where they proceed to gather around them and discuss where they came from and what to do with them. Duke and Johnny both take extra precaution in guarding the two captives as they both recognize the similarities and higher level of training – or different training – as they had armor.



Archeology... Really?

White Sun → Delphi Belt → Jasmine’s Folly

Upon arrival at Clio, they proceed to get Jace admitted into the hospital with T.J. filling out the paperwork describing his injuries. Issac wants to wait around for a few days to see how his friend is recovering. While planet side, Alissa finally received her manuals that she ordered and has also been continuing looking through the parts that have been occupying the cargo bay. On their way back from picking this equipment up, she and Blake had discussed the creation of a racing ship from the parts and have discovered they have most everything they need to finish it. As Issac seeks out the Engineer for advice on selling the parts he discovers the partially constructed ship and Blake and her explain what they are doing. Seeing a use for a fast second ship they decide to scrap all of the excess parts and keep what is needed for the shuttle also checking the scrap yards here to see if they can find any other parts needed to finish the ship.

After a couple of days they find out that Jace will be in the hospital indefinitely due to his injuries. Issac checking his mail finds a message from a friend from when he took some archaeology classes named Missy saying that she needs his help and give coordinates on Whittier. Not knowing what type of help she needs, the intrepid crew heads that direction.

Upon arriving at Whittier they do a fly over of Whittier Prime and find that it has been destroyed in the planet quake and there was a small refugee camp set up outside the old city. Once at the coordinates they realize they will not be able to land the ship there so they find a secure area about 60 miles away and take the shuttle the last bit. On arriving at the location they find a small camp nestled in the foothills on the side of a mountain.

Missy explains that they had been excavating a ruin of a building and found strange evidence and had sent the data away to the university on Harvest for analysis. About a week later the quake hit and the original dig site had been buried and half of the team was lost. Four weeks have gone by and still no information has came from the University even though they had been getting weekly visits prior to sending the data in. Since the quake the wildlife has been getting more aggressive so they moved their camp here where they could protect themselves easier. That is when she made her new discovery.

She leads them through a series of tunnels and crevices that had opened up during the quake to a large cavern over 1000 meters underground. Spread out in the cave is the ruins of an old city that could have held millions of people. Skyscrapers stretch to the ceiling of the cave where they appear to have been sheared off. Missy explains that they have went in a little ways and have determined that this city is somewhere between 300 and 400 years old which makes no sense to their historical timeline as they colonized this system around 350 years ago and there was no inhabitants prior to that.

They notice movement in the buildings and see a large caterpillar/centipede looking creature heading toward them they decide to ascend back to the surface. Back on the surface Issac explains to Missy that he is not sure how he can help her. She explains that she does not trust the University as they seem to have abandoned them here and asks if he knows of anyone that she could trust and use this information. Unfortunately Issac says he does not. As they are getting ready to depart he does offer them transport off the planet and back to Harvest and they agree.

After retrieving their ship they load up the archaeology camp and head for space. Upon arriving at Harvest they part ways with Issac saying he would let her know if he finds anyone that would be interested.


White Sun → Deep Space → Jasmine’s Folly

With Jace on the mend and Jasmine’s Folly on its way to Clio, the rendezvous point to drop off the data drive to Donavic, the whole ship was in a somber mood. The crew decided to check out what was on the drive but soon found that it was encrypted and after looking at it, only Dr. Faust recognized pieces of the algorithm as biologic in nature. With a bit of luck, he was able to help Cash get bits and pieces off the drive but nothing conclusive enough to tell the crew what it was about.

Once arrived at the port, Blake and Jace took the shuttle to the drop point. Hours past before the crew noticed the shuttle coming in hot straight for the the landing pad. The shuttle landed hard in front of the ship with no sign of movement. Deciding to take a look, Cash and Issac found Blake inside the shuttle worse for wear and quickly got him to Dr. Faust. After stabilizing him, Blake revealed that he and Jace were jumped by several men, Jace being taken along with the drive and he beaten severely. Blake was able to describe the men and shuttle they left in before passing out.

Cash and Issac spoke with Port Authority and found out that the only shuttle of that model and by that description belonged to the DMC and that it was heading to it’s Operations Control Station in the Delphi Belt. It was not hard for Cash to find out where this station was at and the Jasmine’s Folly was on it’s way.

During the trip to the station Issac had Alissa create an issue in the engines to give them a reason to dock at the DMC station, something that could be repaired quickly. She did this and as they got close to the station, Cash made the distress call. The DMC station was hesitant to let them dock, but in the end Cash convinced them that all they needed was a docking port to keep the ship stationary for a couple of hours until repairs were made. The Jasmine’s Folly docked and the airlocks were even cycled as per standard protocol. About 30 minutes into their “repairs”, Issac made contact with the guard posted by the door and requested help to move something heavy. He told the guard that he had some liquor he could have in exchange for the help. After a few minutes the guard had summoned one of his friends to help and entered the Jasmine’s Folly. Their route to the engine room took them through the cargo bay and to Issac’s relief the guard in the lead took interest in some of the salvaged Republic cargo they had. As Issac was examining an old fighter engine Dr. Faust came up behind the second guard (Jones) and administered a sedative to render him unconscious. As soon as Issac sees this, he clubs the first guard (Simmons) over the head with a piece of equipment. Issac and Cash put on the uniforms beings they were both prior military and could pull off the roll better than the doctor or engineer.

They enter the space station and start exploring. On the docking ring level, they find a cargo storage room and what looks like a security room with windows. They avoid that for the moment and head the other way. They hear a door open and someone say, “Anyone else want to get something to eat?” With no answer, two men walk out of a door around the corner and head away from them down the hall and into another room all the while talking about seeing a rat the night before on his shift. They move down the hallway toward the door the two guards came out of and Issac takes a look inside and sees it is a barracks with several people relaxing and sleeping. He backs out and closes the door. As they come to the next door that the guards had entered, Issac opens the door and looks in and sees it is a dining hall. Dr. Faust seeing this walks purposefully past him and straight to the kitchen door which is not locked. He enters to find a portly chef bent over a stove cooking something in a large pot. T.J. acting fast before he turns around pulls out some Pelorum Root powder and spreads it across several trays of cornbread. Knowing the effects of the powder, anyone who ingests it will suffer from severe stomach cramps and chronic diarrhea. T.J. quickly leaves the kitchen before being discovered.

Back in the hall, Dr. Faust recommends everyone return to the ship and wait for his present to take effect. Other recommend to finish searching this level to see what they can find and if nothing presents itself, then fall back on the doctor’s plan. As they continue they find their only real option is the security room. Both Issac and Cash walk in like the belong there both noting that the entrance to the elevator is behind a lone security guard. Issac says to Cash, “I tell you that rat was huge.” Turning to the security officer he says, “Check camera two and see if you can spot it.” As he turn to look at the monitors, Issac clubs him from behind knocking him unconscious and drags him into the elevator room.

Alissa starts looking through the computer and finds that the lower levels are dedicated to engineering and the upper level is the operation center and the directors private office and quarters. Dr. Faust puts on the uniform of the security guard (Richards) and then they take the elevator up. They notice the elevator can go to the operations level and to the directors quarters, but a key is needed for the above level and none of the security guards has had it. When they get off the elevator, Alissa locks the elevator on this floor and after looking around they enter what appears to be Donavic’s office. After a quick search they find a blood trail leading to a side door. Upon entering they find a room with cells in the back and a chair bolted down in the center. On closer inspection, they notice the walls have been soundproofed and there is blood on the floor by the chair. They find Jace in one of the cells. After looking around some more they find the keys to the cell and Dr. Faust examines him. Jace has been beaten badly and is in need of immediate medical attention. The doctor believes he needs to be treated now and can not wait for the trip back to a hospital. They figure there has to be some form of sick bay on the station so decide to take Jace and try to find it.

At that time the door opens and a very large man walks in shutting the door behind him grinning and cracking his knuckles saying, “It looks like we have guests.” With military precision, Issac raises the light sub machine gun and squeezes of three rounds. The first and second shots reflect off of his body armor. The third round amazingly penetrates the armor. The big man does not even blink, he just stands there. Alissa taking advantage of him not moving fires a round from her pistol hitting him squarely between the eyes. He collapses in a heap on the floor. Issac cautiously moves over there to make sure he is going to stay down and finds that his third shot had killed him on the spot.

While trying to decide on wether to risk moving Jace to the ship med bay or try to find one on the station, the door opens again. This time a man in a medical lab coat walks in and stops in his tracks looking around shocked at what he sees. T.J. takes action and in an authoritative voice calls to him and starts to rattle off all of the issues Jace is inflicted with. This has the intended effect and the newcomer walks over and examines Jace. They both agree that he needs to be treated immediately. They get him on a stretcher and start to move to the door when he stops and asks, “What happened to Warez?” T.J. says, “He is dead, but if we hurry, we can save this man’s life.” “Yes. Yes, you are right.” states the doctor as he starts moving toward the door again.

They take the elevator down and upon passing through the security station, the doctor says, “Where is Richards? He is always here.” People shift to make sure the doctor can not see Richards laying on the floor behind the elevator. The doctor leads them across the hall from the security office into a medical bay. To T.J.‘s surprise there is a full surgical unit here which is unusual for this type of station. They get Jace situated and both the doctor and T.J. get to work. In about 20 min they get him to a stable condition to where he can be transported. Jace is still not out of the woods, but they should have time to get him to a hospital. During this time the doctor tells T.J. that he does not like all he does here, but he owes Donavic for saving his life so he does his medical work for him, keeping people alive from the room above and does not ask questions. T.J. asks why he just doesn’t leave and the doctor explains that you do not just leave Domavic’s service and that he must stay here. He asks T.J. to sedate him so it looks like he was overpowered. Just as T.J. administers the sedative, he whispers in the doctors ear “Don’t eat the cornbread.” The doctors eyes close the he hits him in the face to make it look like he had been overpowered. They quickly take Jace back to their ship, place the unconscious guards back onto the space station. Cash radios the station to let them know that repairs were complete and they they were departing. They cast off and plot a course for Clio which has the closest modern medical facilities.


White Sun → Compass Rose → The Hunters

As the crew of the Compass Rose make their way toward Harvest they talk with Abernathy about what happened on Whittier. He is reluctant as he does not know how much Maloch wishes to be revealed. The trip is uneventful and when they arrive, Johnny and Charlotte take Abernathy home with their shuttle.

After their return the group decides to venture into Harvest Prime to get some supplies. On their way out of the Space Port they notice a group of tourists standing around a very harassed looking man in the uniform of DeltaV Space Lines. As they near they hear the man explaining that their flight has been canceled due to mechanical problems and they did not have any ships in reserve here. The tourists complain even more and the porter gets even more frustrated.

The crew all look at each other for confirmation, with some small reservations they agree to offer their ship if it’s all right with Maloch. Word from B0z confirms that they are free to loan the ship and Roland went to investigate the situation further. Rayna took it upon herself to calm the people, explaining that they may have a ride after all. Meanwhile, Roland finds out that the tourists were on charter to the moon Ramba, but that ship had a mechanical failure and there’s no possibility of it being repaired in time.

The porter looks at all of the crew and comes to the realization that these people no doubt have a ship. He asks if that is the case and Roland tells him that we do indeed and would be glad to offer it for these people under the right conditions. The porter looks at the tourists and explains that he may have just found a ship for them to travel on and he would be back shortly as soon as all the details had been resolved. The porter and Rayna step to an office where they negotiate pay and compensation for the trip. In the end the group gets a week paid vacation at a resort while waiting for the return journey.

A short time later the porter and Rayna come out and tell the tourist that they have secured the services of the Compass Rose to take them to and from their destination. He introduces Roland to them he leads them to their ship. After getting their twelve passengers strapped into the lounge area, they make for space and then the 2 hour trip to Ramba.

On arriving, Roland is taken aback by the lack of islands. There is nothing but water for as far as the eye can see. As he approaches the space port, he sees a structure sitting a hundred meters from the surface of the water in the shape of a giant 10 leafed clover with an oversized stalk. The leaves end up being the landing pads and then you are directed to the center where you drop down to the assigned bay.

Upon landing everyone gathers their things and meets at the docking bay doors. They notice a customs agent coming toward the ship and there is small panic. Roland looks at Johnny and Duke and realize there is going to be a problem as they have no ID, and although Ramus has ID, he doesn’t necessarily wish to be found at the moment. The guest passengers are let out to go through customs and part way through the custom agent has a hardware malfunction that causes a small delay. Rayna notices this and has an idea of how to get her crew mates through. Johnny also notices as well, but instead of seeing it as an opportunity he gets this feeling that something isn’t right about it. However, because Rayna is already in full plan mode, Johnny doesn’t bring it up to the rest of the crew.

Once everyone else is through customs, Rayna sets off an alert on the custom agent’s data pad, he is to report to another location immediately. Thinking that all if clear the agent leaves immediately. The rest of the crew; Duke, Johnny, and Ramus slip off the ship with no problems and joins the rest of the group near the representative of the resort.

The resort they are going to be staying at is called the Poseidon’s Rest. Amped up and ready for some time away from space, they take an underwater craft down to the resort. As they board the craft, the lights are dim and all of the seats seem to be reclined more than normal. As soon as the transport leaves the spaceport and enters the open ocean they see that the roof of the craft is transparisteel and the reclined seats allow for a spectacular view of the surrounding ocean. As the craft speed through the water everyone was amazed at how much light diffused from the surface. The resort representative explains that the ocean is filled with a microscopic crystalline substance that refracts light even to the ocean floor. After the 45 minute ride, the group arrives at the resort. The craft docks and everyone gets out and are directed to checking. Everyone gets checked in and settled in their rooms.

Once there everyone was filled with a sense of wonderment, each going off to explore their interests. Whether it be watching the wildlife out in the ocean, shopping in the mall, or watching different shows and performances. They each got souvenirs, trinkets of the special water that creates light bottled up in a small cheap necklace. Charlotte spent all her time with the different plant and animal exhibits, wishing for samples of everything she could get. Roland, though hesitant at first, could not stay away from the waters of Ramba. Ramus stuck by himself mostly, enjoying time to be relaxed and somewhat free. Others did the same, each felt more at ease than they normally allowed themselves. Before everyone knew it, the week was over and it was time to head back.

With more bags than they started with everyone made their way to check out of the resort. Once there, they found their passengers had also arrived. Everyone had smiles and looked like they had a great time. Some looked as if they wished to stay longer but most looked tired and ready to get back home. After checking out everyone headed to the Compass Rose. As they approach through customs there was only one person on duty and he did not seem like he wanted to be there as everyone passed through without notice. As Roland passed the quietly sighs with relief as he was smuggling a quart of Ramba sea water in his bags.

Off and away on their two hour trip back to Harvest everything seemed pretty placid. Then about 45 minutes into the flight Roland notices a Republic System Defense Boat rapidly approaching on an intercept course. Once in comms reach, the boat identifies itself as the RS Agator and inquires about a passenger by the name of Mr. Brandon Davis. With a bad feeling in his stomach, Roland checks the logs and confirms that this person is on board. The Republic representative from Agator informs Roland that this man is wanted in connection with the explosion on Poseidon’s Paradise resort and is to be considered extremely dangerous. Plans are made to stop the ship and allow the Republic to board, allowing them to capture the fugitive.

Rayna was on the bridge with him and asks her to go check on the guests. He comms Charlotte in the med bay and asks her to meet the soldiers at the forward starboard airlock to cycle them in. She calls to Artemis and they make their way to the stairs. Roland also makes contact with Johnny and Duke in their room and has them prepare for a possible situation. He then heads to the passenger area to check on the passengers and Rayna.

When Rayna leaves the bridge, she makes here way to the lounge area where all of the passengers are. Everything seems as it should. As soon as the ship comes to a halt one of the passengers asks what is going on and Rayna replies that they are stopping to run a routing check on there computer system to make sure everything is in order for the second half of their journey. She realizes that one person from the group is missing and starts to turn around to see where they might be when she is grabbed from behind and has a gun put to her head. A few of the other passengers scream and Brandon Davis waves his gun around telling them to be quiet. Upon hearing Roland’s footsteps coming from the bridge, he turns around keeping Rayna between himself and Roland, putting the gun to her head asks why we have stopped. Roland tells him that they stopped to perform a quick bit of maintenance and that they would be underway shortly. “Then why is there a Republic Gun Ship off our port side?” Brandon let the silence play out for a few seconds to let it sink in that he knew what was going on. “Get this boat moving and don’t stop it until we land on Harvest.” Roland raising his hands backs away saying he will get us moving. He quickly runs back to the bridge and hails the Agator and tells them that Brandon is aware of their presence and wants the ship to get moving so he is going to put the ship in a tight spiral to convince him the ship is moving and then defuse the situation on board. The Republic officer is not happy about the situation, but Roland cuts him off and start the ship moving before he can say anything.

Charlotte feeling the ship start moving again realizes something is wrong and heads back toward the lounge area. Roland sets the ship on autopilot flying in a tight circle and then heads back toward the lounge area. He finds Johnny and Duke in the hall waiting just outside the lounge out of site. As he enters the lounge he explains that we are moving again and back on course for Harvest. Brandon holding Rayna close swings his gun around wildly saying “What are you trying to pull, were going in circles.” he points his gun up at the overhead view ports in the lounge where you can see the swirling space moving in a rhythmic circular pattern. With his hand pointed away Rayna felt her chance was here, she bites his arm that is holding her spins and proceeds to punch him with her force knuckles. She catches him totally unaware knocking the wind from his lungs as he falls to his knees dropping his weapon. Johnny and Duke move around the corner into the lounge and both Johnny and Roland point their weapons at him telling him not to move.

Charlotte comes to the back door to the lounge area and watching through the window sees Rayna turn and punch and Brandon go down and drop his gun. She quickly give a command to Artemis and opens the door. The dog bounds into the room and knocks the assailant over pinning him to the floor. Brandon grabs the dropped gun and turns it on the dog and hits, Artemis yelps and rolls off. Charlotte seeing this goes into a rage pulling her techbow, firing, and hitting Brandon lodging an arrow deep into his shoulder. At this point he falls back to the floor unconscious. Charlotte runs to Artemis and finds the gunshot had just grazed him and he only has a minor flesh wound, no serious damage.

With the situation resolved, Charlotte sedates Brandon, removes the arrow none to gently and then binds his wounds. Roland goes to the bridge and reports to the Agator that the situation is under control and they are coming to a stop to allow docking. He then heads down to the docking ring to cycle them in. Johnny and Duke stay out of sight while the Republic forces are there just in case.

The Republic forces that arrive are efficient with their duties and professional. Taking statements from the crew and passengers as to what happened. They are informed that they will be contacted if further information is needed and wishes them a safe journey back to Harvest. They take Brandon into custody and head back to their ship. Once the Agator had departed, Roland gets the Compass Rose back underway to Harvest. Upon arriving, all of the passengers depart.

Rollin' in the deep

White Sun → Whittier → Compass Rose → The Hunters

The group makes their way toward the remains of the industrial complex where they suspect Abernathy had entered the building. Upon entering they find most of the hallways have collapsed and they only direction they can proceed is down a set of stairs that appear to be an emergency exit. The stairs go zig zag back and fourth going down for quite a ways. Ramus estimates they are 80 to 100 feet underground when the stairs come to an end, opening up into a corridor with a T intersection a short ways down.

As they move forward toward the intersection they notice the corridor directly in front of them past the intersection has collapsed and the smell of dirt and decay permeate the air. The only light is coming from dimly lit red emergency lighting that frequently flickers. The group hears the sound of skittering coming from around the corner. The group takes tactical positions ready for anything when three humanoid looking creatures come around the corner. The group quickly realizes that they are not friendly and open fire quickly dispatching their opponents. After the creatures are down Charlotte takes a look at them and determines that they were human at one time though greatly mutated with their skeletal structure protruding from their joints. Now they are no more than feral beasts. She estimates these mutations took place within the last week or so. Roland makes note that they have no idea where Abernathy is and that this place could be crawling with these mutants. Maybe it would be a good idea to just leave now and cut their losses. As they search the area after the battle the find the corridor the right is also collapsed. When looking the other way, they see a glow of light coming from a room.

The glow is coming from an operational computer in this room. After a short time Rayna taps into what remains of the system and determins that there had been an intruder just before the earthquake hit and was placed in the secure holding cells in the security station down on the lab level. Frustrated at not finding direction to the lab level Johnny points at a sign and with a grin says “It is down this way.”

The group decides after finding evidence that Abernathy could still be here they continue searching. They follow the signs to a large elevator indicating they need to descend even deeper into the complex. Ramus and Rayna work together on the system to bypass the security on the elevator and soon the group was heading down. When the elevator reached the bottom, Ramus guessed they were at least a kilometer underground.

The door opened up and they found them selves in an area with long corridors and very few doors. They kept following the signs to the security station and soon came across a couple of doors. When they examined them, they appear to be entrances into research facilities. Labeled with obscure names like Diamond and Blue. They also noticed that they were all locked. The decision was made to continue and come back to investigate later if time presented itself.

As they approached the last corner before the security station, they kept hearing scraping and banging noises. They quietly approached and peeked around the corner to find 4 more of the mutant creatures trying to get through a security door, one of them being quite large. The group comes up with a plan to sneak attack them to try and get the jump on them. Roland lines up with his laser pistol and scores a great hit on the main creature. With an chaotic exchange of gunfire and creature slashes the melee finally comes to an end with Rayna scoring an amazing shot on the last one. All said and done Roland and Ramus look a little worse for wear, but everyone survived the encounter.

Surveying the room they determined they had arrived at the security station and the door the creatures were trying to get through was a security door. Rayna and Ramus attempt to bypass the doors security, but do no avail. Frustrated Rayna pounds her fist against the door. Johnny looks around and finds the remains of a uniform in one of the corners that has a Trinity Corp. ID badge attached to it, tossing it to Rayna, he says “Give this a try.” To her bewilderment the door unlocks.

Inside they find Abernathy locked in a holding cell by himself looking emaciated. They give him some food and water and get him recovered enough to make his way from the facility.

While Abernathy was recovering, Roland asked him what he was doing here and Abernathy was hesitant to give an answer, flicking his eyes toward Johnny and Duke. Eventually he said that he was here looking into what Trinity Corp labeled Project Blue. Rayna mentions that they saw a lab with that label on the way in.

As soon as Abernathy is ready to travel, they start making their way back toward the Project Blue Lab. Once there Rayna bypasses the security on the door and they enter to find the entire lab complex has been buried during the quake. Performing a quick search, they find nothing and decide to head back to the ship. The trip back is uneventful other than having to stop a few times to let Abernathy rest. Once back at the ship, the crew docks the shuttle and makes for space. Abernathy asks to be taken to Haven. Roland set the course and they set off.


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