The Hunters
You look trustworthy, join our party!

Blue Sun → New Hope → Compass Rose → The Hunters

Date: 62-1048

Our story begins on the planet Newhope. Roland, Charlotte, and Rayna were here to pick up their next shipment and assignment. The Cargo was placed aboard but no assignment accompanied it. Alissa contacted their benefactor, Maloch. The message they received told them to open the crates and follow the instructions inside.

They opened the crates and found a robot inside with instruction to activate him. He turned on and introduced himself at B0Z-792 or Boz for short. He gave them coordinates on the edge of the Blue Sun system to go and receive further instructions.

They head into the spaceport to purchase equipment needed for the voyage. When they return to their docking bay they are approached by 2 agents that show badges of some form. They say they are searching for an escaped convict that is armed and dangerous and want to search their ship. The PC’s make excuses and get inside the ship and make ready to leave. Roland calls for clearance to depart and it is granted so they take off leaving the agents standing in the docking bay. After taking off they search the ship and find the stow-away. Ramus is found and eventually accepted as part of the crew.

It takes a couple of days to travel to the location and once there they make contact with Maloch. He asks them if they are ready to dive deeper down the rabbit hole and get their hands dirty. They agree and Maloch calls them his Hunters. His first mission to to free two young men that are being held captive. They are to travel to Highgate in the Red Sun system and meet with a person called Abernathy who will pass them information needed for their mission.

It takes 2 weeks to travel to Highgate and once there they arrange to meet with Abernathy at a local hotel to have dinner. They meet with him and he passes them the information. Back on their ship they find out they need to infiltrate a base hidden in The Wall. They recon and find the location. Once there they sneak to the outside and Rayna puts a tracking device on the outside control panel that allows her to control it remotely. They wait until the ship that arrives every 3 days leaves and fly their ship to the docking ring. Rayna disables the sensors on the door and they dock and enter the station without notice.

Once on the station they start looking around and find most of the crew in the operations side of the stations eating dinner. They move to the research side and find mainly droids working in the area. Rayna and Charlotte look through the computer system and find that they have been doing experiments on people using nano-biology but they can not tell to what end. Searching the rooms they find the 2 young men in cryo-pods being monitored by a scientist. The group easily dispatch the scientist and prep the pods for transport. Charlotte has never seen cryo-pods like this before, it is of some unknown technology. They open a door to find another patient/prisoner being a feral human being that is hissing and agitated. They quickly close the door and leave it be. As they are getting ready to leave, another droid comes from the operation side coming to check on something. Ramus disables the droid, but not before it gets a signal off. They hurry back toward their ship and are just getting the cryo-pods moved over when the door to the operations side opens up and a guard in full armor walks through. Roland quickly fires on him from surprise and knocks him back. Everyone hustles on to their ship and Rayna cycles the airlock and disables their outer airlock so it will not open without extensive repairs.

The Hunters leave The Wall and head back toward the original Coordinates on the edge of the Blue Sun system.


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