Roland Darcy



Born on the planet Serenity on 198-1015.

With his eyes on being a pilot in the Navy, Roland attends RU:S and NOTC graduating with honors.

Because of Roland’s success in school, he is enrolled in the Spacers as an Ensign and heads directly Flight School. When he gets out of Flight school, he is assigned to the Republic carrier Razor. On the Razor he is assigned to fly an Osprey class supply ship. Over the next three years, Roland flies many missions during the Strike, Siege and Battle. In his second year he earned a Medal for Conspicuous Gallantry and in his second year he earned the Meritorious Conduct Under Fire medal.

His most defining mission was in his 4th year, the battle was raging on and he was assigned to carry a load of equipment into a hot landing zone to resupply the battalion holding the left flank, escorted by 3 fighters. On the way in, they received heavy fire and he sustained major damage to his engines. He managed to land the ship intact with all the supplies and ammunition. 2 fighters were also lost on the way in. The battalion had been badly decimated in the battle to hold the flank and though the remaining troops were eager to offload the supplies, the highest leadership they had left was junior sergeants. Roland knew that a counter attack on this position was imminent and if it were overrun the enemy would be able to move behind the Republic lines unawares and destroy them. Grabbing the blaster of a dead officer, he took charge of the survivors and organized them into companies, assigning fields of fire and fall back points as he radioed for reinforcements. The expected counterattack came most fiercely, but the organized resistance of the Republic troops were sufficient to hold the flank until help arrived and they were relieved.
The fighter that did survive the run had lost its co-pilot so Roland left his damaged ship behind and returned in the fighter. On their way back, with Roland on sensors they easily dodged incoming fire on the way into orbit. Once there he picked up several enemy ships (a Republic cargo shuttle and 2 enemy fighters) on sensors heading toward the Razor using an approach vector that would hide them from the Razors sensors. Knowing that is would be a suicide mission to engage, Roland and the other pilot decided to proceed. Immediately Roland knew they were out matched and out gunned. Taking fire, the pilot was hit and rendered unconscious. Roland took full control of the fighter and using all his cunning he plays a game of cat and mouse with the other 2 fighters eventually dispatching them setting his eyes on the captured republic shuttle. As they get closer to the Razor, the shuttle radios them and request help from a “Rogue” fighter trying to attach them. The Razor responds sending fighters out to escort the shuttle in. Roland gets on comms as well and does some fast talking and convinces the Razor to hold both ships for security checks when the shuttle explodes with sufficient force that would have destroyed the Razor. Because of his actions he was awarded the Starburst for Extreme Heroism with Diamonds (Think Medal of Honor) as well as being promoted to Sublieutenant and a knighthood.

Shortly after Roland was transferred to Division Six. Having never heard of this before, he was unsure of what to expect. Come to find out, D6 was a covert operations unit. During the next 4 years Roland went undercover as insert name here as a pilot for a Merchant by the name of….

…Over rest of the year he traveled around, jumping from job to job. Finally he was contacted by a person named Maloch and offered the role of Pilot on a private ship. Having worked for Maloch for several months, this is where our adventure starts.

Roland Darcy

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