Charlotte Laren

Jack of all trades master of some


thick curly red hair, large almond shaped emerald eyes, a dancers frame, an affinity for old earth England Edwardian style clothes,Irene-Adler-sherlock-holmes-and-irene-adler-32146849-500-574.jpgarticle-0-0063FCB400000258-949_468x370.jpg

a love of learning, healing, animals, classical music, pasta and a taste for mildly dangerous adventure. she always prefers the country to the city even after spending so many years at SRU she still prefers the sight of tree covered hills and river split valleys like the ones she is accustom to back home


she is by profession and nature rather opposed to violence but she can be lethal when provoked firstly in defense of animals, secondly in defense of ever shrinking nature and thirdly of people

constantly accompanied by her Eurasier Artemis
the dog stays…
she traveled on a small private ship (like Inaras) of her own slowly making her way from Serenity farther and farther out into the verse going where ever her medical skills are needed


a wide eyed, optimistic but realistic and analytical girl with an often dry but witty sense of humor from a smaller half agrarian half tourist town. her parents were independents and her family has been opposed to the republic for generation but when young Charlotte began to show a nack for the healing arts the family set aside there distaste for the meddling republic and started helping her work towards a future at her chosen school Serenity Reynolds University. It didn’t have the best medical program but it had the best program that wasn’t in an all republic planet
being often reserved and interested in an odd number of things she was often coldly accepted by her friends and as since found more solace in the company of animals. not long before she headed of to University she was on the back road into town one day when she came across a disheveled, emaciated, puppy who she corralled and took back home she clean, healed, rehabilitated, and trained this dog and she enjoyed the company of the spitz type breed so much that she fought with the University to let her keep it in the dorms they declined so in response she sent a new request in everyday until they got so tired of seeing her paperwork on their desk they gave her and the dog their own dorm room
being an attractive lady men have made attempts to woo her but none have ever really succeeded they often find her too opinionated and picky
her goal since her teen years has been to become a renown healer and then not to spend a second in a republic hospital but to take her skills out to the independent planets who do not often get to feel the luxury of state of the art medical equipment or highly trained medical personal

Charlotte Laren

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