Investigation - Part 2

White Sun → Deep Space → Compass Rose → The Hunters

Duke and Johnny let the crew know they were back on board and relay the information they gathered on their latest unexpected travels. With everyone caught up on what has happened, the crew settle back in for the last few hours of their trip to Serenity.

After arriving on Serenity and getting through customs, the crew of the Compass Rose set up shop at a local hotel and Rayna jumps on the computer and starts to see what she can find out. She find that the local news is a buzz with stories of the case beings he was original from here. It is common knowledge that after Brandon’s parents disappeared/presumed dead six years ago his mental state went down from there. There are all kinds of bizarre theories on how he became a member of an anti-Republic terrorist organization, but all of them are far fetched and have no solid proof. What Rayna does find is when Brandon’s parents died he blamed Caleb Starr but there was no evidence to prove this and no charges were ever brought up. Not being able to find any more creditable information they feel their next option would be to interview Brandon himself. They have Boz make some calls and he arranges a meeting with him the next day at 10:00 am.

The next day rolls around and Rayna and Charlotte head to the Republic Detention Center where Brandon is being held. As they arrive and proceed through the screening process they are told they will have 30 minutes with him and that their meeting will be monitored. They find him waiting in an interview room, hands and feet chained together wearing an orange jumpsuit. He is very somber always keeping his eyes lowered. They start by asking him simple questions as to why and how he did what he did and keeping his eyes lowered he replies simple, what does it matter. Rayna says she knows that Caleb killed his parents and at this he looks up at her. He says you know nothing, and she says help us to prove it. He looks confused for a second and then lowers his eyes and says it does not matter. Charlotte pressed and asked if his parents left anything that might have helped prove it. Brandon, keeping his eyes down says they left nothing. Rayna asks him polity to tell them about his parents. He looks up again taken aback by the change of subject and explains his parents Dr. Stephen Davis and Dr. Claudio VanSync were both genetics scientists and both had worked for Trinity Corp. They were away working on a project at Caleb’s request and they never returned. With this Brandon lowers his eyes and says no more. A short time later the guard comes in and says their time is up. Rayna and Charlotte head back to their hotel.

Back at the hotel frustrated at the lack of information Rayna gets back on the computer and does some more digging with the information that she now has. She finds the address of the Davis home where Brandon had been living and where his parents had lived before. The group decides to head there and see what they can find. As they arrive they find the place has been cordoned off by law enforcement and marked with investigation lines saying they should not enter. They do anyway as no one is there. The find the house has been systematically seared. Rayna knowing this method of search starts looking in places that would normally get missed. She finds a safe hidden in a bookshelf and with Ramus’ help they get it open. Inside they find some papers and a data storage device from about 6 years ago. Looking at the papers they find they are medical in nature and hand them over to Charlotte for examination. She finds that the parents were working on a project using bio-genetic technology to alter a persons DNA to increase their skill potential. She finds their research and notes on different stumbling blocks. Some of here own research is in here, stuff that she had not released, which had helped them solve some of their problems. There is also a mention of Dr. Simon Grant and his research contributing to positive results. The date of the latest material in this was dated 6 years ago, about the time Brandon’s parents disappeared.

Returning back to the hotel Rayna once again put her computer knowledge to work and found out that Dr. Simon Grant was a student progeny at Kallynda Prime University where he was accepted at the age of 14 and graduated with his medical doctorate at 22 and then hired by the university as a genetic surgeon. He was on course to replace his mother and become the youngest ever surgeon general. The he just vanished and no one knows what happened to him. Rayna also finds Brandon’s father Steven was working at a Trinity installation on Menaka, a moon circling Harvest. When the group was discussing this, Ramus recalled a letter he had received from his family about six years ago while he was studying on Stormwind. Being from Menaka and there being such a small population there, his family told him of a strange explosion at a facility that caused contamination to be released into the atmosphere and required everyone to stay indoors for a couple of days until levels were safe. Putting all this together they decide this must have been the location of the lab where Brandon’s parents were killed.

The crew decides to head to Menaka with a stopover at Harvest to relay the information they had found on to Maloch. They arrive on Harvest and set up a voice meeting with Maloch and relay the information. Maloch is pleased with their finding and tells them that what they have found out makes sense. He has always felt that Trinity has been operating outside of the Republic’s influence, working on projects that would greatly help the republic but never show up in republic hands. Maloch feels there is something bigger at work here and hopes that someday information will present itself to make this more clear. Until then he congratulates them on a job well done and says there is no need to look for clues on Menaka as Trinity has always been good about cleaning up after themselves and there would be no traces left of the facility after so long. Instead he has another direction for the Hunters to go.

Maloch explains that he has came across information about an archaeology find on Whittier. A modern city burried over 350 years ago. As our history says we arrived at the Kallynda System around 300 years ago and found no previous cities on any of the planets this seems odd. Seek out Melissa Eldridge. Until recently she was an archaeology intern at the university on Harvest. She will have more information on this discovery.



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