Into the Depths - Part 3

White Sun → Whittier → Compass Rose → The Hunters

The next day the group take the hovercraft to the boulder mound and leave it behind as they start climbing. After reaching the other side they start making their way around the central column. Travelling this direction turns out to be difficult as there is a lot of destroyed buildings and the party has to do a lot of back tracking to find their way around.

During this time they start to see more of the cats. They realize these cats appear to be larger than typical house cats and they appear to always be in groups. They never get close to the party, but always seem to parallel them.

When the group reaches the highway they see signs that tells them the large building to the west is called Ramsey Coliseum and others that say this city had been called Devon. As most of the day had passed getting here the party decides to camp here for the night.



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