Into the Depths - Part 2

White Sun → Whittier → Compass Rose → The Hunters

The next morning after resting and recovering the party set fourth to find away across the dissolver mire. Now that they know what they are looking for they can spot the dissolvers lurking underneath the water. With much turning back and careful stepping the party find their way through the mire only having to attack two more of the dissolvers.

The mire seems to disappear just before the great domed structure. Just under the edge of the sphere is a twelve foot tall metal mesh fence circling with parts of it collapsed. About ten feet inside the fence is a well worn path that follows the fence around in both directions. Once on the path the group decides to head to the right following the path around and find another path adjacent to the eastern most building that leads to the center of the sphere and a large door on the supporting structure. They get about a third of the way to the center building when the door opens up and a robot strides out. Ramus notes that it looks like some form of a Sentinel robot. It starts heading down the worn path directly toward the party. The party slowly backs up and moved off the path hoping the Sentinel will just pass them by on it’s pre-determined course but when it get’s within one hundred feet it turns to looks at the group and says something in a language they do not understand. The party does not move and the robot advances exposing two machine guns. At this point Roland tells everyone to scatter and head for the fence, and they do. The Sentinel starts to fire but it is obvious the machine guns are malfunctioning and no one gets hit.

Once the group is beyond the fence the robot stands on the path watching them but does not engage. Curious to see what happens the party starts following the fence line without getting into the mire and the Sentinel follows on his inside path. Roland slowly falls behind the group readying his laser pistol and the robot does not seem to notice. He aims and fires causing sever damage. Everyone else scatters and follows up with attacks and the Sentinel quickly falls with no one getting injured. After combing through the wreckage they find the robot was in sever dis-repair. Raymus notes that the design is similar to what he knows but the way it was constructed is like nothing he has seen.

The group makes their way to the center building and with Rayna and Raymus’ help, using scraps from the Sentinel they can create a signal and open the door. Once in side they find this is a maintenance bay for the control center of the power plant. They find no one there and the systems have been running on backup for over 350 years. This had been a fussion reactor that had long since shut down and the power that trickles out of it has kept this place running. They find no other information there.

As they are leaving the building Raymus finds an old hover craft he can get working to help them get past the disolvers though he is not sure if it will be able to get past the boulder wall they had to cross when they arrived. They all pack into the craft and cross the lake/mire area looking for another way out of the area and find a large casm to the north and west stretching from the great column to the wall. The group decides to make camp at a clear spot near the base of the column for the night.



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