Into the Depths - Part 1

White Sun → Harvest → Compass Rose → The Hunters

After receiving their instructions from Maloch, they decide to send Charlotte, Ramus, and Rayna to seek out Melissa Eldridge at Harvest University. Upon arriving at the university, Rayna looks up the Archaeology Department and finds that she is not listed in the staff roster. Some quick searches shows that she was removed about a month ago. They proceed to the department secretary and inquire about her. The secretary explains that right after she returned from her project on Whittier, she packed up her things and left. She did not even leave a forwarding address. They thank her and leave the office. Rayna gets back on her computer and finds that Melissa’s team had returned and most of it’s members had been reassigned to other projects only herself and Collin Martin had suddenly left. While walking across campus a student that had seen them in the Archaeology office approaches them and says, “I heard you were looking for Miss Eldridge. I am not sure where she went, but I have heard that Mr. Martin was seen in the warehouse district.” Rayna thanks them, calls rest of the group and tells them to meet them and they head toward the warehouse district.

After arriving Rayna puts her streetwise and investigative skills to work and quickly find where Colin had been seen. Upon arriving there, they find him huddling in a cardboard box where it appears he has been living. He is concerned that there are people out to kill him. The crew offer to take him off world if he will lead them to the underground city they had found. Colin agrees and they head for the spaceport. Once on their way to Whittier Colin cleans up and and tells everyone the story of what happened. After Missy and her team arrived back on Harvest, she and Colin went to the Archaeology head and told him about their find. He was excited and said we had made the find of a lifetime. We went out and celebrated. That night while walking home, we were jumped by several men in black tactical outfits and gear. Missy and I split up and I lost my pursuers. I checked in with the university and found that all the team members had all be re-assigned to other projects off world and Missy had quit her job and left. I knew Missy had not just quit and someone did not want our find out in the public so I went into hiding in the slums.

The Compass Rose finds it’s way to Whittier and Colin shows the best place to land and secure their ship. From there they take the shuttle up to where their archaeology camp site had been. From there he leads them on foot into a newly formed crevice in the mountain side. After a good 4 hours of travel through narrow passages and down shear ravines Colin leads them to the mouth of a cave several miles across. In this cave is the remnant of a large city spread throughout the entire cave. Several massive columns reach from floor to ceiling. Persistent throughout the entire cave is a faint blue glow from bio luminescent plants found all over the city. From this vantage point the Hunters are looking down over the city noting that in the distance past one of the huge columns is the remains of the city’s downtown. Skyscrapers reaching toward the top of the cave. One of the buildings sitting at a precarious angle seems wedged between the roof and floor of the cave.

The group sets up a base camp where they stow the greater part of their supplies and then break for rest of the day to rest and set out first thing in the morning. As they set out the get into the edges of the city and find this an eerie place between the blue glow that gives light and the fact that this could be any of a hundred different cities they know but there is nothing there. As they move farther into the city they find that some buildings have been destroyed and a lot of the roads are buckled and torn up. Their decided route of following the cave wall in a counter clockwise direction turns out to be harder than anticipated as many roads are blocked by rubble and some building do not appear to be safe to enter causing the party to double back to find a new route. During their travel they find signs on buildings that have writing in a language no one understands. Several members are taking pictures and videos of what they find for later analysis. Most of the building in the area are between 1 and 3 stories tall so at times they have to climb a safe looking building to try and find a new path. During one of these moments on top of a building the party spots what looks like birds flying in the distance. They also see what looks like cats following them at a distance through the buildings. The party comes upon the remains of a highway and from there they can see a large spherical building in the distance and they note there is actual light coming from it. Ramus makes a guess saying it appears to be some kind of power plant. The group continues on heading for it. They come to a rubble field that is nothing but a long mound of boulders. After some time they find a way to traverse it and get across but it is slow going. After they get across they find the buildings are not as destroyed on this side and find some signs that have both the unknown language and common listed next to it. Colin thinks with this they might be able to make a key to unlock the unknown language. They move farther on and as the buildings end the ground becomes mucky and swamp like. The water here also glows with the faint blue glow. Curiously Charlotte bends down and takes a sample of the water when a large black glob of something leaps out of the water trying to envelop her. Colin quickly grabs here and drags her back while Duke fires at it. His bullets do not seem to hurt it so Roland pulls out his laser pistol and burns a hole through it. The party decides with Charlotte being shaken from the event to back up into the buildings and make camp for the night.



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