Girl's Night Out

White Sun → Delphi Belt → Jasmine’s Folly

Alissa Mathews was a curious being, and because of this she wasn’t ready to give up on the mysterious black box the 2 men had given her to figure out. Even though Duke and Johnny haven’t been seen in quite some time she hasn’t given up. Using some of her tools from her Engineering kit she was attempting to get the thing open or get some sort of reaction when it slipped and fell to the floor. In sheer frustration she set the box down and leaned over to grab the tool when her arm brushed against the box. Immediately she felt a stinging sensation and when she looked at her arm she noticed 2 red welts where her arm touched the box. After a while the welts continued to hurt and since this is a completely new development Alissa decided that the best course of action would be to visit Dr. Faust in med bay.

Before she reached for the box to take with her however, she felt a sudden lurch in her stomach. The feeling of being pulled inward came over her and a strong wave of nausea hit her to the point where she was going to be sick. That next moment she found herself on her knees and vomiting on what felt like a metal grate.

“Are you ok?” That voice, she knew that voice and once she felt safe enough to look up from her retching she saw it was Johnny who asked and Duke beside him. Disoriented, Alissa thought to herself how did I get here, where is here? She made to get up and stumbled a bit ready to ask all the questions running through her mind when she noticed two people bound up who wore the same outfits that she saw on Duke and Johnny on their first meeting. All other thoughts disappeared and she asked who these two were and why they were bound. It was then that the two men explained what had happened and they were very curious as to how I ended up in this place. I relayed my story, short as it was and they both examined my forearm where the device had left it’s two welts.

Alissa soon discovered that Duke and Johnny didn’t know where we were either so the next step was to figure out where we were. Not knowing what to do with the 2 prisoners it was decided to keep them in view while we explored, two together and one within sight of both groups. She was amazed at how calm and not affected they were about the whole situation, as she still felt the effects of the pull and nauseated to the point of feeling the urge to vomit at any point in time.

The first room felt peculiar as there were four stations, two of them empty and two full of armor and weapons and other gear. As she was looking around Johnny automatically walked over to one of the stations with an almost mechanized or robotic state or purpose. It was as though he had come home. He no question put on the armor and picked up the weapons, placing them in holsters that were fitted with the other equipment. At first she was a bit frightened at the sight and stood back waiting to see what he would do. Relief flooded when he returned to acting normal and excited ushering Duke to come into the room and check out the other compartment.

Each room discovered seemed purposeful, a room that the guys both said was the briefing room was next and the computer systems had simulations of different attack sequences or other espionage type scenarios, beyond my understanding but not for the two with me. Again, she tended to stand back and observe, not sure what these two were “made” for or what missions they were intended to accomplish. It all seemed too….. assassin / spy for Alissa. She also noticed once they explored most of the compound that it was eerily deserted and just didn’t feel natural. Even though evidence suggested it was abandoned long ago it still held the sense of what it was created for and it gave her the creeps.

A small comfort was the engineering room, though not for long. She noticed several things right away that was natural for what it was and something completely unnatural. That being the power source and the sheer amount of power going into this room, enough power to support an entire planet of millions if not an entire system of planets. Alissa saw one particular power line that was spliced from the main and running out of the building. Somewhere nearby had to be a large facility that was attached or something else entirely she didn’t want to think about. It wasn’t until they went upstairs into the observation room (a little farther away into the complex) that she saw where the massive power was coming from and the magnitude of what was going on here.

Outside was the Red Sun, which could only mean they were on the planet Fury. And outside this small building from horizon to horizon was the largest solar array Alissa had ever witnessed on what was the most barren landscape possible. This planet she knew rotates around the red sun so that this half of it is always facing the sun… which means those solar arrays are always powered. That much power, so much power. Then realization hit her, the black boxes, the two men disappearing and reappearing must be powered by this facility and with this much power available they could go or end up anywhere in the entire Kalinda System. Looking around the landscape on the opposite side of the building they were in was another larger facility directly in line with where that power cable that was spliced was running. It was a much larger building as well.

Having explored all we can and noting that the black box could teleport us away – thinking back to the engineering room Alissa made the conclusion that this action took a lot of power and that with how the system was powering up and at what speed it would be at full power in two hours time. With that in mind the three decided that they would wait and see what happened, not wanting to alert the other facility of their presence. During their waiting period they plucked away at the computer systems to see what they could find. As no one had computer ops they deemed little from the information and decided to save what they could on data discs for later observation.

Sure enough after about two hours had past Alissa once again felt the pulling sensation in her belly and was ported back to the very spot it had all started. She was on the floor of the engine room on Jasmine’s Folly vomiting again. The thought that Johnny and Duke must go through this every time gave her a sense of pity for them, how awful this feeling was.



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