In Hiding

Red Sun → The Wall → Compass Rose → The Hunters

On the 8 day flight back to Destiny, the Hunters relax, re-coop, and recharge. Charlotte performs a medical examination on both Melissa and Dalton to make sure they are in good health. Melissa is fine other than the abrasions and bruises she aquired, that and tired. Dalton on the other hand is another story. Charlotte finds that he had been at the brick for quite some time and his mental defenses had been broken down. There are times he is very lucid and other times not so much. The party talks with Melissa in which she is polite and cordial, but seems to keep to herself most times. She is seen speaking with b0z off and on. She mentions that she is a business woman that travels a lot and from time to time Maloch request something from her.

Also during the trip back everyone seems to have an encounter with Dalton.

As you look him in the eyes, he tilts his head and says: “Family is everything. We must always help family. I had a family… I think.” He gets a far away look on his face as if recalling the past and says nothing beyond this.

As you enter your room you finds Dalton standing in the middle facing away from you. Without turning around he says: “Colin. They are hunting you. They don’t like what you found.” Colin reaches out and touches Dalton’s shoulder and he startles as if waking from a trance and on seeing Colin the throws him self under the bed screaming: “Hiding… Hunting… Killing… Not Safe… Never Safe… Can’t see me… Can’t find me…”

On returning to the engine room after dinner, you find Dalton there staring at the engine working and he says: “So peaceful in here. Everything is working in harmony as it should be. Nothing out of order… synergy… unified…” Dalton turns his head and looking at Ramus says: “You must keep everything in balance. Balance is key… everyone should be told… have the right to know… Find the secret… Tell everyone… Balance…” At this Dalton goes back to staring at the engine

You enter the lounge to get something to eat and see Dalton sitting at the table. As you approach he looks up and and says: “Hello Pretty. I know you… Ray… From somewhere… He… He misses you…. Needs you… Find him…” He then looks away and does not respond after this.

Sitting in the pilot’s seat you hear someone enter the room. Glancing over your shoulder you see Dalton looking around and when his eyes meets yours he says: “You… You know the secret… You know the way… From Highguard… There must be balance… You must thread the needle… Thead it!!! Thread It!!!” at which point Dalton collapses rolling into a fetal position sobbing.

Duke and Johnny:
Anytime Duke or Johnny try to speak to Dalton, he acts as if he can not see them and they do not exist.

Rest of the trip to Destiny is uneventful.

As they arrive at Destiny, they return the the warehouse they were originally going to meet Abernathy and drop off the artifacts they had found on Whittier. Melissa, Abernathy, and Dalton are dropped off with the Artifacts and Abernathy tells them that Maloch will be in contact soon as to what to do from here. Sure enough less than an hour later b0z calls everyone together as he is calling.

Maloch says: “Well done Hunters. I was just updated on what happened and I could not be more pleased with your performance. You are my greatest asset. Keep it up. For now, I want you to lay low until we can figure out what we can from all of the artifacts and information you have uncovered. I will be in touch with you. Oh, and don’t forget to remove the surveillance equipment attached to your comms array you left intact.” Roland and Ramus exchage a look that speaks volumes and Maloch continues “Don’t worry about this call being monitored as I am speaking directly through B0z.” Ramus makes his way to the top of the ship and removes the equipment.

With their new instructions to lay low, Charlotte says she was raised her on Destiny and we can go to my family’s ranch and stay there until we hear more. Everyone agrees and flying low to avoid detection the make their way to the Laren Ranch.

The park the ship undercover of trees a ways away from the ranch and take the shuttle the last few minutes. As they arrive, they see old man holding a hunting rifle standing on the porch of the house. Charlotte recognizes him as her grandfather Carl Laren. As soon a Charlotte identifies herself, Carl recognizes her and wraps her in a big hug, starts crying and says “Oh Lottie, it is so good to see you.” He explains her grandmother Ellie is not doing well and is laid up in bed. Charlotte introduces everyone and she heads up stairs to see if she can do anything for her grandmother. When she enters the room she sees her sleeping with a girl around 30 years old holding her hand. Charlotte recognizes her younger sister Cynthia. After a quick examination she sees there is nothing physically wrong with Ellie. That is when Carl explains how they just received news that Cheryl, their oldest daughter, has died in an accident on the moon Clio and Ellie has not been the same since. Charlotte realizes she is suffering from depression and gets some medicine for her to ease how she is feeling. Carl ask the party to travel to Clio to retrieve Cheryl’s body so they can give her a proper burial here at her home. He was planning on going the day before, but did not want to leave Ellie the way she was. Roland says that Clio is only 6-8 hours away and they should easily be able to say undercover with the secondary ID of the ship.

As they are getting ready to leave, they ask Carl about their initial greeting with the hunting rifle and he says “Well Lottie, ever since you left the school some men keep coming around looking for you every couple of months. The first time they came they were very rude and pushed me and your grandma around, but I have found if I just stand my ground and tell them I haven’t seen you they leave. I got their number, don’t worry about them.”

The crew returns to the ship and makes their way to Clio. Upon arrival the go to customs and pick up a simple box coffin and return it back to the ship with all of the paperwork. Charlotte looks through and sees the cause of death was labeled as an accident, but there was no autopsy done. Curious she opens the coffin and finds her sister inside. She decides to perform her own autopsy so gets her transferred into the med bay and placed on the exam table. Upon removing her clothing she finds no signs of drug use or any outward sign of death. She does find a 6 inch incision in her abdomen that has been recently sutured closed, maybe a week ago. Curious about the incision she starts to opens the sutures when Cheryl sits up screaming in pain. Charlotte quickly anesthetizes her and stitches her back up.

Wanting to know what is going on and knowing Cheryl is going to be out for several hours the crew head into town to get some information. They stop at customs and ask who delivered her sister to them and they told her that the coroner is who they need to speak to. When they go speak to the coroner, he says he does not recognize the name and says no one has passed through here in over a week. Rayna gets online and can not find any news of the accident nor can she find any record of Cheryl living or working on Clio.

They decide to head back to Harvest and get some answers from Cheryl when she wakes up. When she wakes up they ask her what is going on. She explains she was working for a very bad man by the name of Donavic and once you are part of the organization, there is only one way out so that is how she got out. When Charlotte ask about the incision Cheryl tells her that is her retirement fund. She took 4 bags of some drug that is worth a lot of credits. Charlotte gives Cheryl a lecture on the bad things that could happen, and then using the ships medical center removed the 4 bags from her. While Cheryl is recovering she test a bit of the drug and finds it is a pure form of Syncafalin. A synthetic caffeine/adrenalin which in pure form will kill you. If mixed properly it can keep you up and running for days. This is big on the black market and she is guessing the amount she has here is worth over Cr. 500k

Arriving back at the Laren ranch on Harvest, both Carl, Ellie, and Cynthia are relieved to see that Cheryl is alive and Cheryl tell them the story of what happened and why she had faked her own death. Rest of the evening passes mostly un-eventfully with Collin and Cheryl sitting and talking quite a bit.

The next morning everyone is sitting at breakfast when the sound of a small shuttle landing in front of the house. Carl walks out to the porch with his hunting rifle thinking it was the people looking for Charlotte. Peering through the window Cheryl says it is some of Donavic’s heavys and that she needs to run. Colin grabs her and tells her he will protect her and she calms down. Charlotte looks at her and asks “Do you trust me?” Cheryl looks up at Collin and then back at her sister and nods her head and they quickly get to work. They quickly arrange a room to look like they were getting ready for a wake while Charlotte injects Cheryl with more of the drug to induce a death like state. They prepare her while Charlotte walks outside to her grandfather telling him to go back inside and get ready for the ceremony. She turns and looks at the men that have exited the shuttle and after looking back to make sure Carl was inside she tosses a satchel with the 4 bags of drugs to the men and tells them that she does not know what it is and that no one else knows it exists, just for them to take it and go and let them lay her sister to rest. The leader of the men looks into the satchel, nods and tosses it to one of the other men and motions them to get back in the shuttle. He says to Charlotte that he would like to pay his respects as well. Charlotte realizes he just wants to confirm Cheryl is dead, she leads him in to where they have her prepared for the ceremony. the leader looks at her and runs his hand down her cheek stooping at her neck feeling for a pulse. He turns to the family and says he is sorry for their loss and walk out to get in the shuttle and fly off.

With that crisis narrowly averted the ranch goes back to a more normal state of being. Collin and Cheryl seem to be spending a lot of time together and becoming close. Everyone else is enjoying the break from being shot at and constantly on the move. All in all, it is a good vacation.


Red Sun → The Wall → Compass Rose → The Hunters

Abernathy pilots the Compass Rose neatly into the station known as The Brick. Ramus triggers the door and the Hunters climb into the airlock and cycle it. The inner door opens to revel the main room they had entered so long ago though there have been changes since their last entrance. The walls were now armored and the doors have been replaced with security doors. Directly across from the airlock door is a large turret pointing at them as they enter. On closer inspection they find the unit had been powered down by Ramus when they set the door to open. The door to the left did not have a control panel, but the one to the right does. They find there is no way through the door without the panel so they opt for the other side. They open the door and proceed cautiously down the corridor and around the corner to the normal door at the end of the hall.

As the door opens the chief of security looks up and yells “Intruders!” Quickly the team move into the room and dispatch of the security chief and the 2 other guards. Rayna quickly examines the console and finds the controls to unlock the other door in the entrance room as well as standard operation controls for the facility, power, oxygen, etc. The doors leading out of this room lead to sleeping quarters for personnel as well as one larger quarters with an attached office. Most looks like it was set up for temporary living and not extended stays. Rayna opens the door and the Hunters head toward the other side of the complex.

Then enter the corridor and turn the corner to find the four storage rooms holding supplies ranging from medical, janitorial, to food for the facility. The prepare to enter the door at the end of the corridor and open the door. Inside they see three medical/surgical tables with doors on the three other walls. To their right, 2 guards are standing in front of one of the doors. Roland pulls one if his grenades, cooks it off for a couple of seconds and tosses it in landing in front of the guards. The closest guard reaches down and scoops up the grenade and goes to toss it back but missed the door and the grenade bounces back into the room next to the middle surgery table. The other guard runs along the wall, pounds on the door yelling there are intruders and then dives behind the surgery table controls. The grenade goes off damaging the table but no one is hurt. The Hunters enter the room and quickly subdue the two guards when the door the guard pounded on opens to reveal another guard in more elaborate armor. Looking at him, both Johnny and Duke associate the name commander with him though neither ever remember meeting him before. The commander scanning the room seeing the Hunters and says “I thought you were dead. Well you are now.” Pulling an injector out, he plunges it into his heart. Screaming the commanders body mutates into a hulking form of rippling muscles. He looks up and attacks. The fight does not last long. Duke gets pummeled by him and everyone else unloads into his chest. A person dressed in medical gear moves behind him and tries to administer something to the commander, but he is shot before he can. In the end, the commander takes enough damage to take down 4 men and finally falls to his wounds. Searching the other rooms they find Melissa strapped into a device where she was being interrogated. Also in one of the cells they find a man by the name of Dalton Rogers.

The group with Melissa and Dalton make their way to the entrance and signal Abernathy to pick them up. They have to wait about 15 min before their ride arrives so during the wait, Ramus sets the turret in the entrance chamber to overload when triggered. Abernathy arrives and they quickly board the Compass Rose and as they pull away Ramus detonates the turret destroying the inside of the facility. They set their course to the White Sun system and settle in for the week long journey.

Time to Hunt

White Sun → Whittier → Compass Rose → The Hunters

Packing up the next morning the party makes their way back to the cave entrance and loads up in the shuttle for the short hop to their ship. They radio ahead to Boz to prep the ship for their arrival and take off. When they arrive on their ship, Roland heads to the cockpit and gets the Compass Rose headed to space. Once they breach the atmosphere Boz contacts Maloch who congratulates everyone on a job well done and looks forward to seeing what they are bringing back. The Hunters are instructed to take what they found to a warehouse on Destiny where they will meet with Abernathy to deposit said items. During the 6 hours journey to Destiny everyone cleans up and rests from their week long expedition.

Arriving at the independent world of Destiny they make their way to the provided coordinates and find a warehouse outside of town with a private landing bay. Roland sets the Compass Rose down. The party thinks it odd that Abernathy did not come out to meet them upon their arrival so they gear up and make their way toward the warehouse. Entering though one of the smaller side doors, the group enters and finds the warehouse filled with boxes and shipping containers. They wind their way through the maze until Johnny spots Abernathy bound to a chair in the center of the building. Using hand signs he has everyone stop and quickly relays what he sees through their comms system. Quick plans are made and everyone falls back and starts to spread out throughout the building.

Duke makes his way around and behind Abernathy when he is attacked by two men dressed in black combat tactical gear just like Johnny and Duke wear. All told there were 6 assailants waiting in the shadows to ambush the party and after a game of cat and mouse amongst the crates the Hunters come out victorious. Right as the combat is nearing it’s end, all of their comm units go off with an emergency signal from Boz. They finish the combat, release Abernathy, and Roland contacts Boz and asks what the emergency is and he explains he has just received a priority message from Maloch. The crew hurries back out to the ship to listen to the message. Boz explains this is a recorded message the keeps repeating.

“This is a priority one message. Hunters, proceed immediately but with caution to Serenity Coordinates 4296.8 by 273.6. This is the home of Mellisa Chin. Something has happened to her. Find and retrieve her at all costs. Her survival is key to our whole mission.”

Roland tells Boz to send a reply that says message received and heading to target. Roland gets the ship in the air and headed for Serenity. As Destiny is a moon of Serenity, their journey should only take a little more that an hour. During the trip the crew speaks to Abernathy and they find out the men showed up about 30 minutes prior and took him captive, and tied him there with no word as to why. The party realizes that no one knew they were coming here except Maloch when Ramus says someone else might have known. He explains about talking to Boz about while they were in the cave if he had any problems. Boz had told him that there had been some local animal crawling over the ship at one point but no damage had been detected. Ramus mentions that some of those might not have been animals and something could have been planted on the ship.

Roland brings the ship to a stop and a few take the shuttle out to inspect the outside of the ship. They find a device had been added to the communications array plugged in such a way that would intercept transmissions prior to being encrypted. They leave the device in place and send a message saying they were going to Ariel to carry out their mission and then continuing on their way to Serenity.

Upon arriving at Serenity, Republic flight control gives them direct access to the coordinates they requested. As they approach, they see a large walled compound with several building and a large house. A quick scan of the facility shows many dead bodies scattered around. They land the ship and cautiously start searching. They find signs of a fierce gun battle with all of the facility private security force killed. There are signs of others being killed, but they were taken away. The only sign of who attacked were some ammo casings left behind that matched the weapons of Johnny and Duke.

After the first inspection they find no one left alive and the surveillance system destroyed. Ramus starts tinkering with the surveillance system to see if anything is recoverable when he notices that the amount of cameras located around the facility do not correspond to what equipment is available here so the team does a more in depth search of the compound. They find a hidden safe room that has a secondary security system located in it as well as a sophisticated communications and data system. Rayna goes to work on the computer system and pulls up security footage of small black strike ships landing and several squads of mercenaries swarming the compound shooting to kill. She also find footage of a bound and gagged Melissa Chin being forced out of the building where one of the mercs tells the one with her to “Take her to the Brick, we’ll clean up here.” Rayna, with a contemplative look on her face, says "Isn’t that were we picked those two up at?’ while glancing at Johnny and Duke. Realizing she was correct the group head back to their ship to determine their next course of action.

Back in space they set course for the Red Sun system. Upon arrival they stop at the Dragons Egg to skim fuel in case they need to make a quick burn out of the system. From there they set course for the asteroid belt known as The Wall.

They set up surveillance of the facility and noticed the patrol pattern of the 4 small black strike ships and found a hole to slip in and drop Ramus, Rayna, and Johnny onto the outside of the base to see what they can find out. They find that equipment in the facility has been upgraded but with some quick hacking and power rerouting they get the door set up so they can access the airlock from their ship. Raymus also finds something drawing a large amount of energy in the entry room and configures it to be disabled at the same time the airlock is triggered. They return to their ship on the next window of opportunity and then plan for the assault.

Into the Depths - Part 5

White Sun → Whittier → Compass Rose → The Hunters

As the large bee hovers outside the hole in the wall where the window had once been on the 46th floor of the building, the party watch to see if it will attack. The bee just watches them so all but Colin slowly start heading toward the door. Colin waves his staff around poking at the bee trying to keep it’s attention as everyone makes their way to the door when the bee attacks and misses Colin. Rayna reacts and shoots the bee splattering the insect all over the wall. Almost instantly more bees fly in and start attacking. As more bees are killed, more bees arrive. The group finally make their way near the stairwell door when Roland tells everyone to get inside behind him. He pulls something from his belt and starts to fiddle with it. As Duke jumps runs through the door Roland cooks off a grenade and jumps through the door. As the grenade goes off killing over 20 bees, it destroys the floor below Duke and he plummets one floor and almost lands on Charlotte. The group recovers and make a hasty retreat down the stairs to the ground floor. The poke their head out the door at the bottom and see hundreds of bees swarming the area where they were on the 46th floor. They decide to try another building further away.

When they get two blocks away the ground starts shaking and trembling. As people start looking for cover they realize there is some kind of explosion/collapse going on inside the building they were just in. Duke notices through the windows of the building he sees something large moving up through the building. Colin says it must be the worm they had seen before. As the building collapses it creates a massive wall of dust and debris heading straight for them.

After the main blast past, everyone is accounted for and there were no serious injuries though the air is so polluted they can barely see. The decision is made to head back to the old highway and make their way back to the base camp. It is slow going and everyone is exhausted by the time they arrive back. Looking out over the cavern, downtown is still shrouded in dust and a thick haze hangs over everywhere else. The party decides to camp here one more night and pack up in the morning and head back to the ship with what they have found.

Into the Depths - Part 4

White Sun → Whittier → Compass Rose → The Hunters

On the morning of the 4th day away from base camp everyone heads out for the downtown section of the city. They follow the main road and make pretty good time. Roland wanting to get a good view of the surrounding area picks a building with the letters RNN on the side and says lets go to the top of that one and see what we can see. Rest of the party agrees and they head in that direction.

Just getting into the city the pass more piles of boulders. Taking a closer look at them Charlotte notes they do not appear to be rubble from the building or the cave as the surfaces are all smooth and not jagged. She thinks they might have been organically created or pushed up from below ground though she can not think of anything that could possibly do that on this scale.

As the party reaches the RNN building, Ramus a quick look at the building and reports that it appears to be stable and not in danger of falling down. He notes that it appears all of the skyscrapers appear to be sound except for the one next to them that is off it’s foundation and leaning, wedged between floor and roof.

The party starts the climb and realize shortly that Rayna is not up for the climb so everyone slows down so she is not left behind. They find out this building is 86 stories tall and have a great view of the area from the roof. Roland using his binoculars sees humanoid like figures moving by the coliseum, as well everyone hears a buzzing noise but they can not tell where it is coming from.

The group heads back down stairs and searches a few floors to see if they can find anything. The upper floors were designated as RNN floors and they found what appears to be offices and possibly some kind of studio. On the next floor down they find an area that has air tight seals. With some work they get into this room and find a news archive with data storage units and file cabinets. With some work the crew recover some data storage devices to take back to Maloch along with some paper files. Quickly looking through them they find out RNN stand for Regina News Network and this had not been the main office, but an affiliate location on Devon. They also find news articles talking about trade negotiations between the Aslan Hierate and the Solomani Confederation. There is also talks about piracy in the Vargr Extents. They take as much as they can and decide to head to the next building.

Once down to the ground floor the group pick another building and go in. They find a directory which lists Abbraxis Pharmaceutical on the 43-46 floors so up they go. In searching these floors they don’t find anything on 43 and 44. On 45 they find a laboratory that has been sealed but there is no way in. Charlotte recommends on not entering as there is no telling on what could be inside. The group continues up and on the 46th floor they find larger offices. In one corner office they find a wall safe. Ramus is able to access it and they find some paperwork and a wooden box that holds 4 vials of a bright green fluid. They stow these items in their bags when they all hear a loud buzzing noise. They look around and find a large bee/wasp looking insect about two feet long hovering outside the window looking at them

to be continued…

Into the Depths - Part 3

White Sun → Whittier → Compass Rose → The Hunters

The next day the group take the hovercraft to the boulder mound and leave it behind as they start climbing. After reaching the other side they start making their way around the central column. Travelling this direction turns out to be difficult as there is a lot of destroyed buildings and the party has to do a lot of back tracking to find their way around.

During this time they start to see more of the cats. They realize these cats appear to be larger than typical house cats and they appear to always be in groups. They never get close to the party, but always seem to parallel them.

When the group reaches the highway they see signs that tells them the large building to the west is called Ramsey Coliseum and others that say this city had been called Devon. As most of the day had passed getting here the party decides to camp here for the night.

Into the Depths - Part 2

White Sun → Whittier → Compass Rose → The Hunters

The next morning after resting and recovering the party set fourth to find away across the dissolver mire. Now that they know what they are looking for they can spot the dissolvers lurking underneath the water. With much turning back and careful stepping the party find their way through the mire only having to attack two more of the dissolvers.

The mire seems to disappear just before the great domed structure. Just under the edge of the sphere is a twelve foot tall metal mesh fence circling with parts of it collapsed. About ten feet inside the fence is a well worn path that follows the fence around in both directions. Once on the path the group decides to head to the right following the path around and find another path adjacent to the eastern most building that leads to the center of the sphere and a large door on the supporting structure. They get about a third of the way to the center building when the door opens up and a robot strides out. Ramus notes that it looks like some form of a Sentinel robot. It starts heading down the worn path directly toward the party. The party slowly backs up and moved off the path hoping the Sentinel will just pass them by on it’s pre-determined course but when it get’s within one hundred feet it turns to looks at the group and says something in a language they do not understand. The party does not move and the robot advances exposing two machine guns. At this point Roland tells everyone to scatter and head for the fence, and they do. The Sentinel starts to fire but it is obvious the machine guns are malfunctioning and no one gets hit.

Once the group is beyond the fence the robot stands on the path watching them but does not engage. Curious to see what happens the party starts following the fence line without getting into the mire and the Sentinel follows on his inside path. Roland slowly falls behind the group readying his laser pistol and the robot does not seem to notice. He aims and fires causing sever damage. Everyone else scatters and follows up with attacks and the Sentinel quickly falls with no one getting injured. After combing through the wreckage they find the robot was in sever dis-repair. Raymus notes that the design is similar to what he knows but the way it was constructed is like nothing he has seen.

The group makes their way to the center building and with Rayna and Raymus’ help, using scraps from the Sentinel they can create a signal and open the door. Once in side they find this is a maintenance bay for the control center of the power plant. They find no one there and the systems have been running on backup for over 350 years. This had been a fussion reactor that had long since shut down and the power that trickles out of it has kept this place running. They find no other information there.

As they are leaving the building Raymus finds an old hover craft he can get working to help them get past the disolvers though he is not sure if it will be able to get past the boulder wall they had to cross when they arrived. They all pack into the craft and cross the lake/mire area looking for another way out of the area and find a large casm to the north and west stretching from the great column to the wall. The group decides to make camp at a clear spot near the base of the column for the night.

Into the Depths - Part 1

White Sun → Harvest → Compass Rose → The Hunters

After receiving their instructions from Maloch, they decide to send Charlotte, Ramus, and Rayna to seek out Melissa Eldridge at Harvest University. Upon arriving at the university, Rayna looks up the Archaeology Department and finds that she is not listed in the staff roster. Some quick searches shows that she was removed about a month ago. They proceed to the department secretary and inquire about her. The secretary explains that right after she returned from her project on Whittier, she packed up her things and left. She did not even leave a forwarding address. They thank her and leave the office. Rayna gets back on her computer and finds that Melissa’s team had returned and most of it’s members had been reassigned to other projects only herself and Collin Martin had suddenly left. While walking across campus a student that had seen them in the Archaeology office approaches them and says, “I heard you were looking for Miss Eldridge. I am not sure where she went, but I have heard that Mr. Martin was seen in the warehouse district.” Rayna thanks them, calls rest of the group and tells them to meet them and they head toward the warehouse district.

After arriving Rayna puts her streetwise and investigative skills to work and quickly find where Colin had been seen. Upon arriving there, they find him huddling in a cardboard box where it appears he has been living. He is concerned that there are people out to kill him. The crew offer to take him off world if he will lead them to the underground city they had found. Colin agrees and they head for the spaceport. Once on their way to Whittier Colin cleans up and and tells everyone the story of what happened. After Missy and her team arrived back on Harvest, she and Colin went to the Archaeology head and told him about their find. He was excited and said we had made the find of a lifetime. We went out and celebrated. That night while walking home, we were jumped by several men in black tactical outfits and gear. Missy and I split up and I lost my pursuers. I checked in with the university and found that all the team members had all be re-assigned to other projects off world and Missy had quit her job and left. I knew Missy had not just quit and someone did not want our find out in the public so I went into hiding in the slums.

The Compass Rose finds it’s way to Whittier and Colin shows the best place to land and secure their ship. From there they take the shuttle up to where their archaeology camp site had been. From there he leads them on foot into a newly formed crevice in the mountain side. After a good 4 hours of travel through narrow passages and down shear ravines Colin leads them to the mouth of a cave several miles across. In this cave is the remnant of a large city spread throughout the entire cave. Several massive columns reach from floor to ceiling. Persistent throughout the entire cave is a faint blue glow from bio luminescent plants found all over the city. From this vantage point the Hunters are looking down over the city noting that in the distance past one of the huge columns is the remains of the city’s downtown. Skyscrapers reaching toward the top of the cave. One of the buildings sitting at a precarious angle seems wedged between the roof and floor of the cave.

The group sets up a base camp where they stow the greater part of their supplies and then break for rest of the day to rest and set out first thing in the morning. As they set out the get into the edges of the city and find this an eerie place between the blue glow that gives light and the fact that this could be any of a hundred different cities they know but there is nothing there. As they move farther into the city they find that some buildings have been destroyed and a lot of the roads are buckled and torn up. Their decided route of following the cave wall in a counter clockwise direction turns out to be harder than anticipated as many roads are blocked by rubble and some building do not appear to be safe to enter causing the party to double back to find a new route. During their travel they find signs on buildings that have writing in a language no one understands. Several members are taking pictures and videos of what they find for later analysis. Most of the building in the area are between 1 and 3 stories tall so at times they have to climb a safe looking building to try and find a new path. During one of these moments on top of a building the party spots what looks like birds flying in the distance. They also see what looks like cats following them at a distance through the buildings. The party comes upon the remains of a highway and from there they can see a large spherical building in the distance and they note there is actual light coming from it. Ramus makes a guess saying it appears to be some kind of power plant. The group continues on heading for it. They come to a rubble field that is nothing but a long mound of boulders. After some time they find a way to traverse it and get across but it is slow going. After they get across they find the buildings are not as destroyed on this side and find some signs that have both the unknown language and common listed next to it. Colin thinks with this they might be able to make a key to unlock the unknown language. They move farther on and as the buildings end the ground becomes mucky and swamp like. The water here also glows with the faint blue glow. Curiously Charlotte bends down and takes a sample of the water when a large black glob of something leaps out of the water trying to envelop her. Colin quickly grabs here and drags her back while Duke fires at it. His bullets do not seem to hurt it so Roland pulls out his laser pistol and burns a hole through it. The party decides with Charlotte being shaken from the event to back up into the buildings and make camp for the night.

Investigation - Part 2

White Sun → Deep Space → Compass Rose → The Hunters

Duke and Johnny let the crew know they were back on board and relay the information they gathered on their latest unexpected travels. With everyone caught up on what has happened, the crew settle back in for the last few hours of their trip to Serenity.

After arriving on Serenity and getting through customs, the crew of the Compass Rose set up shop at a local hotel and Rayna jumps on the computer and starts to see what she can find out. She find that the local news is a buzz with stories of the case beings he was original from here. It is common knowledge that after Brandon’s parents disappeared/presumed dead six years ago his mental state went down from there. There are all kinds of bizarre theories on how he became a member of an anti-Republic terrorist organization, but all of them are far fetched and have no solid proof. What Rayna does find is when Brandon’s parents died he blamed Caleb Starr but there was no evidence to prove this and no charges were ever brought up. Not being able to find any more creditable information they feel their next option would be to interview Brandon himself. They have Boz make some calls and he arranges a meeting with him the next day at 10:00 am.

The next day rolls around and Rayna and Charlotte head to the Republic Detention Center where Brandon is being held. As they arrive and proceed through the screening process they are told they will have 30 minutes with him and that their meeting will be monitored. They find him waiting in an interview room, hands and feet chained together wearing an orange jumpsuit. He is very somber always keeping his eyes lowered. They start by asking him simple questions as to why and how he did what he did and keeping his eyes lowered he replies simple, what does it matter. Rayna says she knows that Caleb killed his parents and at this he looks up at her. He says you know nothing, and she says help us to prove it. He looks confused for a second and then lowers his eyes and says it does not matter. Charlotte pressed and asked if his parents left anything that might have helped prove it. Brandon, keeping his eyes down says they left nothing. Rayna asks him polity to tell them about his parents. He looks up again taken aback by the change of subject and explains his parents Dr. Stephen Davis and Dr. Claudio VanSync were both genetics scientists and both had worked for Trinity Corp. They were away working on a project at Caleb’s request and they never returned. With this Brandon lowers his eyes and says no more. A short time later the guard comes in and says their time is up. Rayna and Charlotte head back to their hotel.

Back at the hotel frustrated at the lack of information Rayna gets back on the computer and does some more digging with the information that she now has. She finds the address of the Davis home where Brandon had been living and where his parents had lived before. The group decides to head there and see what they can find. As they arrive they find the place has been cordoned off by law enforcement and marked with investigation lines saying they should not enter. They do anyway as no one is there. The find the house has been systematically seared. Rayna knowing this method of search starts looking in places that would normally get missed. She finds a safe hidden in a bookshelf and with Ramus’ help they get it open. Inside they find some papers and a data storage device from about 6 years ago. Looking at the papers they find they are medical in nature and hand them over to Charlotte for examination. She finds that the parents were working on a project using bio-genetic technology to alter a persons DNA to increase their skill potential. She finds their research and notes on different stumbling blocks. Some of here own research is in here, stuff that she had not released, which had helped them solve some of their problems. There is also a mention of Dr. Simon Grant and his research contributing to positive results. The date of the latest material in this was dated 6 years ago, about the time Brandon’s parents disappeared.

Returning back to the hotel Rayna once again put her computer knowledge to work and found out that Dr. Simon Grant was a student progeny at Kallynda Prime University where he was accepted at the age of 14 and graduated with his medical doctorate at 22 and then hired by the university as a genetic surgeon. He was on course to replace his mother and become the youngest ever surgeon general. The he just vanished and no one knows what happened to him. Rayna also finds Brandon’s father Steven was working at a Trinity installation on Menaka, a moon circling Harvest. When the group was discussing this, Ramus recalled a letter he had received from his family about six years ago while he was studying on Stormwind. Being from Menaka and there being such a small population there, his family told him of a strange explosion at a facility that caused contamination to be released into the atmosphere and required everyone to stay indoors for a couple of days until levels were safe. Putting all this together they decide this must have been the location of the lab where Brandon’s parents were killed.

The crew decides to head to Menaka with a stopover at Harvest to relay the information they had found on to Maloch. They arrive on Harvest and set up a voice meeting with Maloch and relay the information. Maloch is pleased with their finding and tells them that what they have found out makes sense. He has always felt that Trinity has been operating outside of the Republic’s influence, working on projects that would greatly help the republic but never show up in republic hands. Maloch feels there is something bigger at work here and hopes that someday information will present itself to make this more clear. Until then he congratulates them on a job well done and says there is no need to look for clues on Menaka as Trinity has always been good about cleaning up after themselves and there would be no traces left of the facility after so long. Instead he has another direction for the Hunters to go.

Maloch explains that he has came across information about an archaeology find on Whittier. A modern city burried over 350 years ago. As our history says we arrived at the Kallynda System around 300 years ago and found no previous cities on any of the planets this seems odd. Seek out Melissa Eldridge. Until recently she was an archaeology intern at the university on Harvest. She will have more information on this discovery.

Girl's Night Out

White Sun → Delphi Belt → Jasmine’s Folly

Alissa Mathews was a curious being, and because of this she wasn’t ready to give up on the mysterious black box the 2 men had given her to figure out. Even though Duke and Johnny haven’t been seen in quite some time she hasn’t given up. Using some of her tools from her Engineering kit she was attempting to get the thing open or get some sort of reaction when it slipped and fell to the floor. In sheer frustration she set the box down and leaned over to grab the tool when her arm brushed against the box. Immediately she felt a stinging sensation and when she looked at her arm she noticed 2 red welts where her arm touched the box. After a while the welts continued to hurt and since this is a completely new development Alissa decided that the best course of action would be to visit Dr. Faust in med bay.

Before she reached for the box to take with her however, she felt a sudden lurch in her stomach. The feeling of being pulled inward came over her and a strong wave of nausea hit her to the point where she was going to be sick. That next moment she found herself on her knees and vomiting on what felt like a metal grate.

“Are you ok?” That voice, she knew that voice and once she felt safe enough to look up from her retching she saw it was Johnny who asked and Duke beside him. Disoriented, Alissa thought to herself how did I get here, where is here? She made to get up and stumbled a bit ready to ask all the questions running through her mind when she noticed two people bound up who wore the same outfits that she saw on Duke and Johnny on their first meeting. All other thoughts disappeared and she asked who these two were and why they were bound. It was then that the two men explained what had happened and they were very curious as to how I ended up in this place. I relayed my story, short as it was and they both examined my forearm where the device had left it’s two welts.

Alissa soon discovered that Duke and Johnny didn’t know where we were either so the next step was to figure out where we were. Not knowing what to do with the 2 prisoners it was decided to keep them in view while we explored, two together and one within sight of both groups. She was amazed at how calm and not affected they were about the whole situation, as she still felt the effects of the pull and nauseated to the point of feeling the urge to vomit at any point in time.

The first room felt peculiar as there were four stations, two of them empty and two full of armor and weapons and other gear. As she was looking around Johnny automatically walked over to one of the stations with an almost mechanized or robotic state or purpose. It was as though he had come home. He no question put on the armor and picked up the weapons, placing them in holsters that were fitted with the other equipment. At first she was a bit frightened at the sight and stood back waiting to see what he would do. Relief flooded when he returned to acting normal and excited ushering Duke to come into the room and check out the other compartment.

Each room discovered seemed purposeful, a room that the guys both said was the briefing room was next and the computer systems had simulations of different attack sequences or other espionage type scenarios, beyond my understanding but not for the two with me. Again, she tended to stand back and observe, not sure what these two were “made” for or what missions they were intended to accomplish. It all seemed too….. assassin / spy for Alissa. She also noticed once they explored most of the compound that it was eerily deserted and just didn’t feel natural. Even though evidence suggested it was abandoned long ago it still held the sense of what it was created for and it gave her the creeps.

A small comfort was the engineering room, though not for long. She noticed several things right away that was natural for what it was and something completely unnatural. That being the power source and the sheer amount of power going into this room, enough power to support an entire planet of millions if not an entire system of planets. Alissa saw one particular power line that was spliced from the main and running out of the building. Somewhere nearby had to be a large facility that was attached or something else entirely she didn’t want to think about. It wasn’t until they went upstairs into the observation room (a little farther away into the complex) that she saw where the massive power was coming from and the magnitude of what was going on here.

Outside was the Red Sun, which could only mean they were on the planet Fury. And outside this small building from horizon to horizon was the largest solar array Alissa had ever witnessed on what was the most barren landscape possible. This planet she knew rotates around the red sun so that this half of it is always facing the sun… which means those solar arrays are always powered. That much power, so much power. Then realization hit her, the black boxes, the two men disappearing and reappearing must be powered by this facility and with this much power available they could go or end up anywhere in the entire Kalinda System. Looking around the landscape on the opposite side of the building they were in was another larger facility directly in line with where that power cable that was spliced was running. It was a much larger building as well.

Having explored all we can and noting that the black box could teleport us away – thinking back to the engineering room Alissa made the conclusion that this action took a lot of power and that with how the system was powering up and at what speed it would be at full power in two hours time. With that in mind the three decided that they would wait and see what happened, not wanting to alert the other facility of their presence. During their waiting period they plucked away at the computer systems to see what they could find. As no one had computer ops they deemed little from the information and decided to save what they could on data discs for later observation.

Sure enough after about two hours had past Alissa once again felt the pulling sensation in her belly and was ported back to the very spot it had all started. She was on the floor of the engine room on Jasmine’s Folly vomiting again. The thought that Johnny and Duke must go through this every time gave her a sense of pity for them, how awful this feeling was.


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